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Sick of being Sick with the flu

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We've had fevers here since Tues or Wed and it is getting really old!
Found myhself staring at the emoticons in bed which is helpijg me feel connected to the world especially the one that looks like a :evil:
Guess we need Fastger Horses Vigortone rep to tell us what's wrong with our immune system althouggh we have shed our hair coat and have no accumulation of flies/ticks thanks for letting me complain
This sickness going around is probably some virus we all picked up over the computer. Mrs. Soapweed and our son and I have all been under the weather with bad colds. Saddletramp has also had it. Our heads have all been clogged up, and if anybody thinks that it's any fun, "it snot".

I almost had a secondary problem a couple days ago on account of my cold. Riding a new horse that is a bit broncy, I leaned over to blow my nose "cowboy style". Having forgotten to inform the horse what I was doing, he spooked and lurched almost out from under me. This set off the colt that Saddletramp was riding. We both grabbed enough leather to stay in the saddle, but it could have been embarrassing had we both wound up on the ground picking daisies that haven't started to grow yet.
Glad you two are okay and weren't unhorsed all for a sneeze. Interesting what dumb things can spook a horse considering their intelligence. Of course maybe I'd spook also if somebody blew out a juicy noseful near my side! Come to think of it your horse had the proper response! :lol:
But I'm glad you weren't hurt. Maybe Saddle Tramp can immortalize it with a jingle somehow.

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