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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
When we had Polaris 4 wheelers, they all spent a week in the shop once a year. Our Hondas, I get parts and keep ours running. Local shop said re can replace a pick up engine cheaper then most side buy sides. He said stick with the 4 wheelers, but that Kabota, Gators and Mules, were easier to get parts and maintain, and are better designed for farm/ranch work. Had a friend that put 4 wheeler tires under those little Asian pickup. and had 3 for what one side by side cost. Said the had heat and AC , pulse one had a hydraulic dump bed. But don't see those any more.... Maybe a couple old army jeeps :)
Years ago, I put wider 15"X7.5" Ford F100 pickup rims and mounted ATV tires on my Suzuki Sidekick. I'm still using it to check cows but it's all beat to heck and some parts are getting hard to find. I have an old Kubota RTV 900 that came from a mining company's excess equipment auction. It's slow and rough riding but has been dependable and can pack quite a bit of salt. I have a 60 gallon spray unit that fits in that I use for rough land weed spraying and I position it as a fire fighting unit during haying season. We have used it to retrieve whole elk, moose and bears for hunters out of the H- holes that animals manage to end up in!
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