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Sidney Mt. Raises $20,000 for R-CALF

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Sidney, MT Sale Raises Funds for R-CALF USA and MCA

Billings, MT ~ On Wednesday, February 16 cattlemen gathered at the Sidney, MT Livestock Market Center raising more than $20,000 for R-CALF USA and $800 for Montana Cattlemen's Association (MCA).

R-CALF USA president Leo McDonnell and MCA Executive Director John Lockie spoke to the crowd, encouraging cattle producers to become engaged in the issues. "R-CALF USA filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court on January 10 to overturn USDA's final rule to reopen U.S. borders to live cattle and expanded beef trade," noted McDonnell. "The U.S. has never had a case of BSE in our native herd, and yet we are blocked out of most of our export markets. At the same time, USDA is liberalizing our import standards to Canada, a country that has had four cases of BSE from their native herd. These two radically different standards cannot both be based on the same sound science." Lockie added, "Montana cattlemen have stepped to the plate repeatedly to protect their industry and we appreciate the overwhelming support. The successes achieved by R-CALF and MCA are directly related to your commitment."

"We want to thank Sidney Livestock Market Center for hosting this sale, and especially Marty Casey, Jim Thiessen and Rolland Raaum for all their efforts," noted McDonnell. "Penny Anderson and Shana Baisch provided all the clerking and handled the paperwork for the sale, which is no small task. This is truly a team effort. Together we're making a difference."

Calves were donated for the sale by Dale and Jay Rosaaen, McMillen Ranch, Inc, Thomas and Katherine Irigoin, Jack Holmquist, James Helmer, Bidegaray Brothers and Loren Schledewitz.

Bull bucks auctioned at the sale were donated by Leland Red Angus, Regency Acres, Performance Breeders, Candee Angus, Bar JV Angus and Rambur Charolais.

Contributors included: Seven S Ranch Supply, Loren Schledewitz, Palmer Farm and Ranch, Inc., Samuel and Joan Ritter, Ryan Obergfell, James and Loretta Vitt, Arnie Skedsvold, Rusty Folkvord, Darcy and Lacey Mullin, Robert and Penny Anderson, Nevins Farms Inc., Conradsen Brothers, Inc., Glenn and Julienne Aamodt, J J G Venture, LLC, 4J Cattle LP, Joy and Wilmer and Rodney Buxbaum, Jon Rau, Roedeske Cattle Co., Dan and Jan Scheetz, Patrick and Kay Hatter, T Productions, Scott and Wanda Pippert, Ronald Crighton, Scott Albin, Bell Farms, Jay and Joann Gorrell, Milt Madison, Edward Vaira, Douglas Gullikson, Tom and Lynette Ruffatto, Hugo Asbeck, Jr., River Ranch Inc., Robert Fink, Jim Cook, Wayne and Sharon Berry, Mike Christoffersen, Jon Bolstad, David and Vesta Verschoot, Merle and Alice Rasmussen, Tveit Land and Cattle Co., Devils Elbow Ranch LLC, 1st Bank, Balducke Brothers, Longrass Farms, Stockman Bank, Ray Johnson, Floyd Johnson, Arnie Hanson, Leo Heinrich, and Parrish Livestock.
dream on, when R-LAFF defends my private property rights, backs me against the ESA and really makes a difference in global marketing instead of paying all of its money to lawyers, I will listen
I think alot of these purebred guys in the US are shooting themselves in the ass by donating to this worthless group! I will never buy another purebred bull or hiefers out of the US.
I know of one AI company(with the largest market share outside of North America) that has stopped buying R-calf members' bulls/semen for the Canadian market. They have not bought a bull from them in 18 months and don't plan to market these bulls in Canada. The semen has "dryed" up on previous semen purchased from R-calf members also. One such bull was #2 in registrations in Canada last year, in the Angus breed. Canada may be a small market for this semen compared to the US market, but it still translates into a loss of approx. $500,000 in semen sales for R-calf members. Unfortunately for Non R-calf US semen marketers, it's going to directly hurt them also in lost sales, due to the fact that we do not know who are members and who are not.

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