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sierraman--cooking rice tips

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Mar 11, 2005
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northeast nebraska
the best way i've found to cook rice so it's not gummy and goobery: take the time to first, soak in cold water, rinse (you'll see the white starch in the water and that's what you want to get rid of). soak and rinse again. then, once you add water, salt and some butter (use 1 1/2 C water for each cup of rice if you've soaked first), bring to a boil.

simmer until the water's virtually evaporated (stirring), then cover (i use a kitchen towel plus the pan's lid), remove from heat. DO NOT TOUCH for 20 minutes. then remove lid, etc., fluff with a fork or whatever, and you have beautiful, fluffy rice. it works, my babies love it (i have to get over it--they're NOT babies anymore :cry:), and it really is pretty much fool-proof.

look who's cookin' it :)
The best way I have :) found to make perfect rice , is to heat two to three tablespoons of butter in bottom of pan. Pour in dry rice and stir about 3 min, add water cover and finish cooking as directed. Perfect rice every time.
When our son married a gal from Hawaaii we learned in that state they like it gooey and call it "sticky rice." They gave us a rice cooker once and sure enough, it makes sticky rice.

We have a Hungarian relative who does rice the way "wwaeghe" suggested but she adds slivered almonds to the butter and sort of lightly browns the uncooked rice first. Gives it some extra flavor.

How on earth did you get the handle "wwaeghe"??

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