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Silica in Drinking Water May Prevent Alzheimer's

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
sil·i·ca (sĭl'ĭ-kə)
A white or colorless crystalline compound, SiO2, occurring abundantly as quartz, sand, flint, agate, and many other minerals and used to manufacture a wide variety of materials, especially glass and concrete.


I always enjoy a spoonful of sand in my morning coffee! :lol: :lol:
reader (the Second) said:
May you live to be 120, with a clear sandy mind.

Silica, Silica, SILICONE, YEA, that's what I'd rather have in my coffee! Isn't that what they stuff BOOBS with? Won't do me any good at 120 though.
reader (the Second) said:
silicone implants have just been in the news. does this mean that if your implant bursts, you will have less chance of getting alzheimer's? :wink: :roll: :roll:

Would the one that bursts have an impact on getting alzheimer's in your right or left brain?

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