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I couldn't agree with you more. We've seen the families where the parents do all the work and if the kids lose....well... not very pleasant. We are 4-H leaders and teach the kids the HOW (like fitting a steer) but we won't do it for them. The first time out in the ring the kids are nervous, but look at (most) of their faces coming back the barn. :D
One of our first years here we put on fitting classes for our 4-H kids but also extended it anyone else interested. One of the 4-H leaders (her son was a senior in High School) was at the fair with her son and his steer. She took that steer herself into the trailer and fitted the steer herself. It was disgusting, but no WONDER he never won anything!! :wink: :?
Well, gawsh, Steve, thank you ever so kindly.

I love horses and better than that I love to watch kids enjoy their horses. There is a wrong way and a right way, they just have to be taught that the horse matters. I was so fortunate to have knowledgeable horse people that were great friends. They were purists, if you will, about how horses are to be treated. I firmly believe that horses help keep kids out of trouble. I know it made a big difference in raising our daughter.

Those clapping emoticons are really neat. I like 'em a lot!!
I whole heartedly agree with Steve, I also agree with you, I would rather my daughters loved on their horses than on some mangy scum bag from town. Horses are honest and they have good intentions. I'll even feed the horses for free. Some of the best times that I have had in my life have involved 4-h, horses and kids. Guess that is why I have been president of the 4-h council for about ninety years!! When I wrote the poem "Why I am a rancher", the thoughts of me riding with the kids, doing our job, was the biggest influence. Would not trade it for the world.

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