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Sinful Beef

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Doesn't take much to figure out why Tyson and Cargill have and/or are investing so heavily in Brazil- no wonder those that don't buy the Packer bought (NCBA) BS, support country of origin labeling....

Bishop urges boycott of 'sinful' Brazilian beef -08/02/06

A bishop in Wales is urging a boycott of 'sinful' Brazilian beef.

The Bishop of St Davids, Carl Cooper who is passionate about international fair trade says that beef imports
benefit the rich and disadvantage the poor, with much of the beef sold in British pubs, hospitals, schools and offices produced by cheap labour, reports Steve Dube of the Western Mail.

"The social conditions of beef ranches in Brazil are appalling" the bishop said.

"Hundreds of thousands of labourers are brought in to cut down the rainforest with rough tools. These people are unpaid, bullied, brutalised and sometimes killed."

He said the UK was the fourth largest importer of beef from Brazil, which was now fighting its fourth outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease since 2000.

In contrast, Welsh meat could be traced from farm gate to dinner plate.

"Why buy meat from untraceable sources and produced under conditions which are nothing short of sinful?" he asked.

"To do so knowingly is to collaborate in sin. The message is simple - don't buy it, don't eat it and encourage others to do the same!"

A bishop also warned that the dairy industry in Wales may become extinct.

Bishop Cooper called for urgent action for changes in farming, and warned that more and more rules and regulations were demoralising farmers and crippling the industry.

Recent surveys show morale in the agricultural industry at an all-time low - as low as when the foot-and-mouth epidemic struck in 2001.

TB in cattle was a huge threat and many holdings were on stop, unable to sell their cattle through the live market. That meant more stock on the farm in need of winter fodder. Meanwhile many cattle culled as TB suspects were later discovered to be healthy.

Bishop Cooper continued, "Is it any surprise that the dairy industry is dying when a farmer gets approximately 16p for a litre of milk, and yet when I go to the supermarket to buy a litre I pay 62p?

"The current price of a Holstein bull calf in Carmarthen mart is £1 and yet you cannot buy an ear tag for that animal for less than £4."

The bishop said the dairy farmers that remained were rapidly becoming "a rare breed".

But, he said, the Church in Wales was committed to serving the rural communities to the best of its ability.

"At a time when we hear of the closures of post offices and schools in rural Wales, I am pleased to say that the church does not have a programme of closure. We will stand up for the rural people of Wales and I want to see a profitable agricultural industry in the future."

Bishop Cooper's comments came during a speech at NFU Cymru's Carmarthenshire county conference.



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Dec 6, 2005
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southwest corner of the Sandhills
What I've always read is that the rainforest is actually cleared for farming. Only after the rich nutrients (at the bottom of a rainforest afterall, that must be some dirt!) are leeched from the soil do they let it go to grazing...

Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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theHiredMansWife said:
What I've always read is that the rainforest is actually cleared for farming. Only after the rich nutrients (at the bottom of a rainforest afterall, that must be some dirt!) are leeched from the soil do they let it go to grazing... http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/fragend/confused-smiley-013.gif[/im

That's basically what I have heard. I was in Calgary at a native prairie and endangered species conference and a lady that had been south studying some rare bird said that she just shook her head at her friends that thought they were doing the environment a favor by not eating beef . She said most of the rain forest is cleared for farming and that causes more damage then grazing ever could.


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Feb 21, 2005
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My "beef" here is with that bishop. Don't know his religion, but many churches are pretty wealthy. Isn't the international Catholic church wealthier than most governments in the world?

Maybe they need to do a better job of disseminating it in educating their "flock" to enable them to rise above their station of birth with education to make them employable in higher paying jobs.

Second would be in changing the attitudes and laws of the nations keeping people in the same social level into which they are born, as a means of controlling who may gain wealth.

In the USA, IMO, that would translate into teaching in school, since all too often there is little or no such teaching in homes, that it is vital to get an education, a job, a marriage, and children in that order, and when one has the finances to properly care for them.

A good work ethic is a fast disappearing 'commodity', even in our more rural areas in the USA.

The environmental extremists promoting total "saving" of the environment, are more interested in "preservation" as a means of controlling land use, when judicious, conserving, beneficial uses of the Rain Forest, and all land would serve humanity and the land better, IMO. We have seen demonstrations that too much rest of land is harmful, and that use and rest periods properly managed according to the needs of the land and crops, both naturally ocurring and planted, is best for the land.



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Aug 26, 2005
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Eat north american beef proudly, we are not destroying the rainforest and inching into tropical disease. If only we could solve this BSE deal.

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