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Snow,Fog and Overcast!!

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Feb 12, 2005
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N E Montana
How is everybody else doing for moisture? It has been snowing for about a week now. Not a lot of moisture in it, but it will help. I think I have calves a week old and yet to see the sun!! Might have to put sunglasses on them if it every comes out. I see why people that live in Washington and Oregon in the winter sometimes get depressed. The calves seem to be doing O K even with being damp or even wet for a week. 8) :) :(
good morning, buckskin!! don't know how ya'll over on that corner of the state are doing drought-wise, but here in sw montana, we could use all the moisture we could get our hands on....have been getting some this last week in the forms of rain and some snow and making the passes rather nasty at times, but ya don't hear alot of complaining around our little town...the only ones complaining actually are the tourist-type who want lots of sunshine and think that springtime in montana means time to plant the gardens and the flowerbeds...WRONG :D our mountains are still pretty dry compared to where they should be this time of year...so, folks around here are praising the rain and even the snow :wink: the more, the merrier!! have a good one, buckskin!!
I really wish you guys could get some good snow in the Mountains. Old Fort Peck Lake is going to be a big hole in the ground soon. They are starting to talk even possible limited irrigation below the dam this summer. How do you do for stock water, is it OK when dry. Is there enough springs? Don't know much about the mountains, kind of one of those old flat plain dudes!!
Better go back out and check a 2 yr old.
Take care and hope 2005 is good to you.
good morning...on our place, we depend on irrigation from the madison river and from the mountain run-off to flood irrigate and run 2 large pivots in the wheat, barley and alfalfa fields....many folks around here have spent the better part of the winter worrying about wells drying up..so far, though, not too many have had that problem...folks just west of us in the dillon area have been hit even harder than us in recent years as far as the drought...many ranchers having to sell their entire herds and move out rather than watch them starve due to lack of food and water!! not a pretty picture, but it is looking up....suppose to have more snow and maybe afternoon rain today!! :D
We've got 4 or maybe 5 inches over yesterday and last night. And it's wet!. Melted as it hit untill about 3 pm. Wonderful stuff! I'm burning the dump this morning as it's the first snow and low wind I've had to do it in, since over a year ago.
We have had strong thunderstorms and tornados all morning. We should get several inches of rain today.
Alabama said:
We have had strong thunderstorms and tornados all morning. We should get several inches of rain today.

Ahh, I miss the sights and sounds of a good thunderstorm. Tornadoes....can do without them. I live in a mobile home. That should be explanation enough!
I figured that with 5 wet days forecast, we should get at least a quarter of an inch don't you suppose; Baling Wire? I talked to DP yesterday at noon, and they had three inches at his place already. He said last week they had a row of bunks blow completely full of sand twice. I don't think I've ever heard of that before.
we even had some really loud thunder last night. The last few years that has us scared to death because of the lightning and the dry conditions but that was enjoyable to hear. It even rained last night and we had to feed with the tractor because it is muddy enough that we can't get around very good with the pickups. Redneck, you betcha. Sat at the mailbox waiting for the school bus and decided that I was wasting time just sitting there so I introduced a few gophers and a porcupine to some lead, I'm sure the new bus driver was wondering when he pulled up and a rifle was sticking out of the truck window!!!
I was wondering you were talking about mud and thunder, what is that it has been so long my memory has failed me, sure wish you would send some of that this way could really use the moisture.

Have you people out there in Nebraska country been really hurting?? When we first moved out here in the "Musselshell" we had rain, and rain, and rain. We baled hay out of the dryland pastures - enough to feed all the cows! Later on we purchased irrigated ground because the rains stopped, so did the snows so we couldn't bale enough hay (off the dryland) to feed the cows. Time went on and because of the drought our irrigated land couldn't produce enough hay to feed the cows!!! We are in very tough shape, too, and now we are getting some moisture and I am running circles around the rain dances LOL. Like sw said, there is something about having FOG and 90 days later you should expect some type of moisture. Believe it or not, we have documentation this is true!! I pray for you guys because we are still deep in drought and so far there is nothing the weather guys can say to make it better. I'll take any drop of rain, any flake of snow, ANYTHING just to start digging our drought out of its hole. Anyway, James, I like your name, my son has the same.
yes it's not been good here as I keep increasing hay ground and and just get enough hay to get the cows by along with wheat straw for filler the pastures are the same as I keep dropping numbers and looking for more grass to graze the cows on. Yes I keep praying we had real heavy fog the first part of January very unusal for here so we should be getting close to getting some moisture if it holds, forecasting moisture the rest of this week but 50% of not getting it either hope you have a great day.
went to bozeman :p yesterday and it rained almost the entire time and rained all the way home and awoke this morning to a nice winter squall!! outta make the roads a real pleasure to drive this morning :? anyway, am still not complaining about the moisture!! maybe i will get to plant that garden afterall!! :wink: :wink:
After it was so dry in 1992 in Western Montana, I swore I would never cuss mud again...and I don't.

Our grandson is 9 years old, and he knows all about drought. When he was about 6 I said to him, "Let's go outside and do a rain dance."
His reply was, "NAH, I tried those rain dances, they don't work."

Goes to show, he'd been in on it at some time!!

We could get 11 inches of snow by tomorrow night. You know what? We hope we do, even with calving starting for us. The snow is no needed and so necessary. Now the wind we could do without...

How about you, rancher? Are you forecast to get some heavy snow?
I hope we all get some good moisture and it continues to keep us in wet weather.
Very dry here in NE Oregon too. Had one snow in Dec, and that was about it. Had a wet fall though, and got 7/10' of an inch of rain yesterday :D It's supposed to do it through sunday. Stock ponds are half full to empty...not good. However the guy we lease some rangeground from had a NRCS guy come out last week and do a soil moisture probe. Dry the first six inches then wet down to 30 inches. Must've been from the fall moisture. So maybe we'll have grass. Good luck to everyone hope you get lot's of snow and or rain. :!:
i shouldn't have told rancher about the rains we got last year: all the snow/rain etc. went all the way around us this trip (..and last trip, and the one before, i think). at any rate, saw a guy plowing stalks today on the way home--in March??!!?

i just hope the people west of us get some--they are REALLY hurting; we did good enough last year, let's get some grass out in the sandhills. it really does affect more than just the particular region at the particular time. heard a blurb on NPR today that noted seattle is already putting water conservation practices in place--SEATTLE, no less..

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