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So God made a Farmer/Rancher

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MN Farm Girl

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Dec 30, 2006
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Southwest MN
This video really caught my attention. Thank you to all who help feed this growing nation! I know it is a link but it is soooo worth viewing. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Yes, it is true that we farmers and rancher lke to receive some recognation and credit for what we do for society and to put food on the tables of the people of the world. still before we place ourselves to high up on the pole, let us look at some of the others who also make sacrifices and face difficult situations.

First, the military who make great sacrifices to keep our freedom, The policemen, the firemen and emergency personal that often risk their lives to keep us safe, The linemen who work out in all kinds of weather to keep electricity flowing into our homes at the times we need it the most.

There are the people who work in the mines, there are truck drivers who face treacherous conditions to move goods, and then the doctors and nurses who will drop everthing to respond to an emergency. The list goes on.

Yes we will take all the pats on the back people are willing to give us, but we should be willing to pat others on the back as well.

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