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Feb 15, 2005
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Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 8:17 pm Post subject:


"Juan, I thought of you and picturesque cattle today when my wife and I bought a nifty framed art print at the Fort Robinson art show. It shows an old unpainted dilapidated building, nearly falling down, but you can still read "Hereford Hotel" up high on the false front of the building. Grass is growing up all around the old town sight, and a cowboy is riding his horse behind five Hereford cows and a calf. Two more Hereford cows are emerging from the depths of the old hotel. It measures 14" x 20" without the frame, and was painted by a lady named Marilyn Frisbie from McDonald, Kansas. She did a great job with the picture.

Somehow if the picture would have read "Angus Hotel" and depicted black cattle, it just wouldn't have been as buyable "

I thought I'd move this up,the other thread got a little off track.
I think your right about the subject matter,after all it was the Hereford cow that"Won the west"
There was a little town east of Sturgis named Hereford and I think there is still a post office there.
Could you put a photo of the painting on the web?I would enjoy seeing it and I think a few others would also.
Thank you so much for the thought. :cboy:
I enjoyed hearing about that painting as well but for a different reason. I got a call from son the Custom Combiner on Friday and he was at McDonald Kansas. I thought that it was neat that you mentioned it and I had just looked it up to see where it was. Is there much combined in western Nebraska or will the combiners move right to South Dakota?
I was just talking to my son again and he is still in McDonald. I told him about your painting and he said he thinks he had supper there tonite. :wink:

That is a neat painting, and your right that it just wouldn't be the same without the Herefords.
Soapweed said:
Here is the painting, if I can figure out how to do this again:



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