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Some cows on a Sunday evening

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
I took some panels over to my leased pasture this evening to keep the blankety blank bull from rubbing is head on the pipe where the water comes into the trough. Dang bulls are a pain in the hind quarters except to about 45-60 days a year. Bless their hearts. Snapped a few pictures as the sun slowly bid us adieu.


The grass is dry but the cows are getting good protein still. They are in fairly good flesh for the time of year and considering the drought


The bull acts tough but his pawing the dirt is mostly to drive away flies.


The neighbors place is starting to look a little tough for grass. Unlike this lease which has been seeded and improved, theirs is mostly juniper trees and a little scattered grass. His cows were wishing they were on the south side of the fence instead of the north. But I’m hoping he moves them this week and my fence repairs convince them to stay where they should be.

It was a fine Sunday evening. Dry as usual, and some showers would surely freshen the feed some. We are still getting a little of California’s forest byproducts in the form of smoke which made the western sky a hazy shade of orange.

When a guy is alone with his thoughts and a few cows for company, it gives him a reason to ponder on life some. We buried a sweet lady yesterday who had battled cancer for 13 years. She was my second cousin’s wife and such an amazing lady. Always happy and showed so much courage and optimism throughout her life. I’d drop by to visit and she’d always pat me on the arm and call me “My Boy”😁
Always made my heart sing when she said that. As a 53 year old man, it was an honor to be called her boy. I’ll sure miss ya Linda. I’m grateful she and Steve are home. I’m terribly mournful that I’ll have to wait a while to see her and finally meet him. I’d like to think there simply 2 more angels watching over their families and friends. I’m confident both have earned a front row seat at the edge of God’s prettiest meadow, with some gorgeous high mountains in the background and a cool clear spring fed creek trickling along somewhere. I’d imagine there’s a fine herd of quality cattle peacefully feeding and a band of saddle horses nearby. Bet if ya listened close you’d hear an elk bugle and an old owl warming up his vocal chords for an evening performance. As I stood there leaning on the hood of my old dodge I sure felt their presence. I closed my eyes and said a prayer of thanksgiving for having the influence of such fine people in my life. I asked that comfort and understanding might be sent to both families. And as I opened my eyes, a tad misty, I felt a peace that could only come from on high. His creation is simply part of His plan. He lives and He loves us. There is even hope for an outlaw like me. Y’all have a fine evening

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