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Some Food for Thought

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Feb 14, 2005
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If immigrants into the US become as disgruntled with the status quo as the London bombers where is that going to leave us? In Ya Hoo article about the London bombers they made a reference to animal like businessmen that drove them to the radical form of Islam. In the US all I see is animal like businessmen as we have come to except that as part of our culture. The way I look at it this is the great stumbling block for the US in world relations and could prove to be the downfall of Nafta and Cafta. I firmly believe that in the dog eat dog world that we live in that the "Western Cattle Culture" is about the only bit of sanity we have left. I think we should make every effort to preserve our way of life and the friendships that it generates. I would just like to thank all the cattlemen that post on this website for doing so and urge all of us to stop bickering about BSE and focus on dealing with the animal like businessmen that threaten our culture.
cedardell- I have often said that it appears the first thing taught in business school anymore is how to do anything to become a millionaire- subjects on how to lie, cheat, steal, and stab everyone in the back....Seems anymore that making a 6 or 7 or 8 figure income means more to people than being known as honest and of high moral character....

But look at the examples the younger generations have to guide them-- most have grown up to 2 Presidents that had impeachement proceedings because of lying, everday scandals of lying and bribe taking politicians, Ken Lay and Martha Stewart and the hundreds of other CEO's that are caught violating the law, but still get multi-million $ Golden Parachute pay offs- while the workers lose their pension plans ...And then even the supposed watchdogs, the Accounting firms are being found covering up the illegalities for the almighty dollar.......

And I believe the corporate influences of the beef industry are bringing (has brought) all this into the cattle industry, whether we like it or not...

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