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Some photos of the spring and summer

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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
This was taken in May when we ultrasounded the bulls that are on grass, which will be the 2 year olds in our sale next February.

This is the first time we have ever planted corn. So far it looks real good, but could use a good rain as it is suppose to be really hot the next week or so. It is from waist to chest high. The photo was taken today.

Today we put CIDRs in the replacement heifers. Here are a couple guys going out to get the girls in

Here they are walking down a trail.

Here they are again walking through a patch of clover.
Soapweed said:
Nice pictures, BRG. That is a handy lookout hill for scouting around to see if all your cattle are out of the far corners of the pasture.

"earth acne", they should appear less, as the earth ages. :lol:

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