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Some pics of the fall calves

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Feb 10, 2005
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Stratton, Ontario
We just weaned these calves on the 2nd. About a dozen steers and half dozen heifers. Most in the 520-600 pound range. Born late August and all through September. Part of the Ontario set-aside program, so they get to stay here till January if the border doesn't open.






Good lookin calves Aaron,have you ever done any buisness with whiteface? ps where is that girl? she is in and outa here so fast I cant even say hi............good luck
What's your secret, Aaron? We can't even take a decent family photo getting everyone to look as straight at the camera as your whole herd!
Haymaker, Haven't done any business with whiteface, but I sure would like to at some point. She has a very good looking bunch and seems to have a management system that jives with what I am aiming for.

nr, I don't know. I saw them all looking to the North for some reason, so I decided to swing around and grab a few shots.

TXTibbs, the Ontario Set-Aside program is an incentive program to keep Ontario producers from marketing last year's calves until additional packing capacity is available...to avoid a marketing backlog of fats. The program offered $200 a head on a maximum of 40% of your calf crop. It was a nationwide program offered with different conditions in each province. In Ontario, I believe we can't sell them until September 2005, and can't have them slaughtered until January 2006....but I can't quite remember.

We are in the midst of re-fencing an abandoned farm yard for pasture for them. In hindsight, we wish we hadn't went into the program, as it puts extra physical pressure on us to get pasture space for them and have enough hay to keep them through the winter. If the border opens before January 2006, the contract with the province gets torn up, and we can keep the money and sell them whenever we wish. If we have to keep them to January though, the $200 doesn't mean much by then....as I don't think it will have been worth the extra hassle.

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