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Some reading for Reader (the second)

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
I've read pages and pages of your articles reader(the second), how about reading some of the other side (with an open mind as well)
Sorry that mine is so closed to infectivity!


This is a new article.
Reader, is it possible that Purdy has it right on cause (environmental) and that infection could be caused by transmission vectors? (Medical equipment, HGH, etc.) HIV? we know how it is transmitted, but what was the original cause?
:roll: Reader(the second) show me the statement where Mark talks of transmision in a contradictory manner.

And what, may I ask, is erroneous about the statement you quoted of his?

You have obviously never read any studies (Marks included) linking surgical instruments and their metal content, and not simply neurosurgical transmission to CJD.

Harping on a peer review from either side seems the same to me, but even more crucial to come from a THEORY which is causing unpresidented hardship on the Agricultural community for what I will call, no reason.

There is a lot of credible support for Mark's theory and it grows every day. People like yourself who take the positon of calling him down as a conspiracy theorist, etc. etc. get your kicks from your tunnel vision for reasons beyond what I can understand.

What is it that you hope to gain reader(the second). The only road your theory follows is treatment, or testing, but you have forgotten to solidify the cause in the first place.

Everything you post is theory. Nothing is based on fact any more than Mark Purdey.

Call me a lone wolf, and Mark a conspiracy theorist all you want. Your fear will stop you from finding the truth, Ms. sheep.
Murgen - I can only repeat what I said that we have proof that TSEs transmit via ingestion, blood transfusion, and contaminated medical and biologic devices. I can't commit on the "original cause" of TSEs and I suspect it will be forever or centuries before that is known. My main concern is with preventing "amplification" of TSEs by preventing them from entering the food supply or the blood supply or the medical/biologic device supply. We know enough to do that much.

yep, you're right, all the effort is put towards transmission! So, what is so wrong with examining Purdy's work on cause? Could it be that "big industry" does not want us to realize the truth. (the financers of science) You once posted that you are open to "learning" , I can't see what is so wrong with investigating Purdy's "theories"
I am putting my emphasis on prevention of transmission so that other families don't suffer as we have. Attempting to find a cause is a fine thing but it doesn't substitute for preventing transmission in the meantime. Do you like Randy deny that BSE can cause variant CJD? That's the thing I find troubling that the focus is not on getting the beef industry back on its feet through prevention of transmission and surveillance but instead on denying transmission and taking up an alternative theory that won't help the beef industry. That dog won't hunt as they say and continuing to pin your (Randy's) hopes on it is pointless.


Nope, Randy is a friend, but I told him today that I do not agree with him about transmission. but cause and transmission are two different things. and I don't believe in blaming CJD on a transmission vector that claims only a few(in relative terms) with the real cause of human cases. I think vCJD is a scapegoat for the real causes of CJD. When you look at the cases of each, it is evident that CJD is a bigger worry than vCJD.
So, with an incubation period of 20 years and the first imposrts of this blood in the 80's would we not be seeing some cases now, 25 years later?

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