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some white faced pictures...

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Dec 13, 2005
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North Central Montana
all the hereford pictures kinda spurred me.

tried to take some pictures of the commercial bred heifers... 56 head to make a pot load for sale (41 good ones and 15 true f1s AI bred to Northern Ranchers Fraser angus bull)


sired by 137Y son that Waldorf has now - might have to try and talk the banker into just keeping these girls.

bred exactly the same as heifer with rack above

they haven't seen the dog in awhile...

more a picture of a pretty nice view - but also a picture that shows my breeding project/program. bull and cow are both 08 models sired by ulrichs old 137Y bull and out of mothers that are paternal half sisters... trying to make a whole herd of cows just like this girl - hopefully this bull will do his part.

one of the calves that kept his nuts - kind of a eye catcher
Your cattle look like they summered pretty well. I hope to add a couple Hereford heifers in the next year or two. I really like the middle heifer in the 3rd picture as well as the 1123 calf at the end. Thanks for the red & white update. Have a grand fall! :D
Looking good. Maybe we should talk about doing some trading of our heifer calves for a few of yours. :wink: :wink: :wink:
they look good.Do you sell any registered heifers ever? My 11 year old son want's to go a different direction than his old man.
Nice country , like the view in the picture 2nd from the bottom cattle included. Who is that calf in the bottom he looks good. Your heifers look good also, hard to beat a baldie cow.
thanks guys

h - is your camera broke too... i always like looking at cattle out of your environment.

iluvherefords - let me know when you get serious about marketing heifers... i'll have grass for around 75 more cows next year and trying to buy some baldie heifers back from a few customers - would like a chance to see yours before they go.

i've sold jags of papered females as commercial cows - i can't remember any i've sold with papers. its kinda hard to sell the factory and i only run papers on the extreme top end (i can't stand giving the aha guys money). i've donated a nile heifer before, but i got a soft spot for youngsters - especially ones raised on an angus outfit that take a liking to herefords :D

heres a link to the pedigree on the 1123 calf.
We are rounding up on the 30th of this month if you want to come down and talk. The calves are going to Lewistown on the 3rd of October.
a few more... probably what spontaneous combustion looks like just prior










book work done, this done, no more excuses to not get back at cleaning corrals - :(
High Plains said:
You like your horses and cattle to have some white on them.

Good shots and I like that bull. Thanks.

actually those are not my horses, but they do sort of blend in... a good spot to hide. they are feedlot escapies.

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