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Songs about life's problems.

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Jun 7, 2005
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One thing people always assume that I get annoyed at is having to hear about their problems. Well, let me say that one great joy in life, is doing what I can to help, and I actually get annoyed when someone has a problem and won't let me hear of it. Sometimes, all I can do is encourage, but at least I can do that.
Country, blues, and other forms of music where people sing of fictional problems are rather pointless though, because the problems are fiction (for the most part) and it drives me nuts that singers of these songs want to profit by announcing unfelt pains to the world through either good or bad music. sometimes there are lessons or the song is humorous. These are good.
I did not mention the African Spirituals which often speak of troubles, but these were written by slaves, who had nothing to do for themselves, except for loving each other and writing music. The reason they sung so much about bondaged Biblical characters though is that a lot of slave owners banned complaints about their own bondage, so the slaves would sing of Israel being kept in Egypt and such. Slave masters would just say, oh, that's Bible stuff they're singing about.)
Anyways, i just wanted to say that.