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sorting the bulls

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Apr 20, 2005
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North Western SD
Tomarrow and Tuesday we plan on sorting through all the sale bulls. We have around 250 head on feed. My goal is to sort for what will make the sale and what will be private treaty tomarrow along with putting them in catalog and sale order. Then on Tuesday, I want to run them all over the scale and put their lot tags in them. We have already culled several times, and I think everything left will be either in the sale or privatge treaty unless something doesn't sement test out. On Thursday the trimmers are showing up and then right after the New Year we will be videoing and photoing them. I am excited to get through them all. This is one of my favorite jobs as I get to appraise them all one at a time. Should be interesting.
Mac Creech had about half his bulls clipped and semen tested before their cow sale on the 17th. He was going to start on the second half Wednesday. The tub and chutes were set up in his shop so weather wasn't an issue.

Tuesday morning the shop, payloader, 7600 JD tractor, two pickups and all the shop tools and vet equipment went up in flames. A small shack that the crew used for a lunchroom also was burned. He had insurance but will never replace a lot of stuff that was in there.

He phoned me Thursday night to tell me about it and said they have a circus tent made out of tarps over the outside facilities so they can get the bulls done.

We cowmen can be versatile and innovative when challenged can't we?

Good luck with your bulls Bryan, hope you don't find many "empties".

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