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Source Verifed Cattle

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley

Market Review - August 16, 2005

We had another nice offering of feeder cattle again this week. John Azevedo of Petaluma sold 533# sourced verified steer calves at $121.00 and 654# steers for $115.50. Bruce Daniels of Nicasio sold source verified steer calves weighing 719# for $105.00. Sharon Fraser of Manchester sold 571# source verified calves for $115.75 and 561# heifer mates brought $111.50. Gene Machado of Arroyo Grande sold 2 loads of beef master calves. His 440# steers brought $122.50 and 528# steers brought $114.00. Genes heifers weighing 483# brought $113.00. Dan Marciel of Livermore sold 661# sourced verified calves for $107.50 and heifer mates weighing 643# brought $96.50. Michael McGuire of Pt. Arena sold 712# source verified steers for $111.00 and 634# heifers for $101.25. Gene Pastorino of Half Moon Bay sold 410# steer calves for $130.00; 531# steers for $118.00 and 490# heifers brought $113.00; 590# heifers brought $105.00. Peachtree Ranch of King City sold 490# steers for $117.00 and 526# heifers for $102.00. Richard Stanley of Livermore sold 784# source verified steers for $105.00 and 629# heifers brought $106.50. Topo Ranch of King City sold 936# heifers for $86.00. Dale Vandervort of Carmel Valley sold 590# heifers for $99.00. It was just another good sale from start to finish with source verified cattle leading the way.

We know the run is going to slow down and this year brought a whole new set of challenges dealing with source verified cattle. I'm just excited we took the step this year. It has been expensive. There have been glitches in the market, but the reality is source verified cattle have been bringing $5-7cwt. more. Getting these prices and buyer participation would be impossible if it wasn't for so many customers participating in our source verified program. I just want to thank everyone for their support all year. We will be making some changes in our system for next year. First we are working to get QSA approved so the paperwork leaving on each load of cattle won't out weigh the cattle. Being QSA approved will make all the cattle we sell, that are source verified, eligible for nearly every special program from Coleman Natural beef to international shipments of beef for those markets. You can see why we are even more excited about the potential market for source verified cattle next year. Have a great week.

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