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Source Verification

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Red Barn Angus

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Aug 7, 2005
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Eastern KS
Does anyone have any experience with source verification when selling feeder cattle? I have read some studies about pooling and source verification and those studies seem to believe there is a price benefit to this process. Just my opinion, I'd wonder if most of the selling price benefit was from the pooling of small groups of calves rather than the SV. We hear some talk about SV and a few are doing it but just wondered if anyone thought it would pay. Of course, that is the beginning of the ID program but that isn't really going yet.
When we sold our fed cattle last spring, we got $20 up front for source and age verification on top of the grid price. This is through our MBBA co op, not selling feeders, but I would bet that any of the feedlots we use would pay something if they were going to profit from verification. I think that you are now going to get paid for tagging and keeping track of things, and it will get to be the norm after awhile.
Heartland Auction in Brandon MB is having it's first Age Verified sale in a couple of weeks. It'll be interesting to see if there is a premium paid.

By default it'll be a source verified sale too. I tried printing a couple of birth certificates from the CCIA database yesterday, and our names are right there on them, complete with address.

No more generic sales if you want to get a premium here, I guess. 8)