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Spring Cow Work

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We finished AIing cows on monday also finished planting corn monday night a little more mud would have been nice ha ha..
Hay's in the barn. Soybeans and pearl millet is up. Calves are weaned. Have sprayed the weeds. Need to nitrate pastures but waiting for price to go down to $40-$50 a ton. :wink:
As Merle Haggard once said: "I think I'll just stay here and drink."
We are just in the middle of calving now. It is going great. We couldn't ask for a better spring with all the moisture and the great cattle prices.
If this rain slows, I will be cutting hay for a week or two. Squash is coming in and cucumbers should be plenty to make pickles this weekend. We wanted to make sure we had enough cucumbers to make bread and butter pickles this year so I planted 4 rows just over 200 feet long. Field corn has tasseled and the sweet corn is waist high. Tomatoes are getting big but still green; Penults are blooming and some are already starting to peg. Butter beans have a good stand and coming on strong. The okra is taking off too with the warm nights. We still need to wean the January and February calves but that will be a while yet, late summer. We need to take honey off the bees in the next few weeks. The garden should be in full production soon and putting up vegetables for the winter will take up all my nights with hay taking up most of the day light.
You'll have enough cukes to feed the multitudes!
I planted 20 acres of cucumbers when I was about 16 (quick cash -for a car!) well, I picked them night and day for about 3 months. Never want to see a cucumber again.
We plan to pick what we want and then offer to whover wants to pick wor a week then turn em under and plant collards this fall.
Maple Leaf Angus said:
You said 20 ACRES? I thought slavery was abolished long ago! :lol:

Yep, about like slavery too! The small ones brought $9.50 per cwt on down to the big ones that brought $.50 per cwt. Paid the pickers on halves. Not much left.
You can make good money taking vegetables to the framers market on Saturday. Cucumbers, cantaloupe, sweet corn, and tomatoes pay good. Peas and butterbeans don't bring enough for me to pick by hand but the big money maker is okra. Just put in a heavy coat every other morning and cut okra and still itch all day. You can sell it for a fortune on Saturday. If you can have watermelons ready by the 4th of July that pays too.
I can remember way back when I was in high school we would set up a stand on the highway to the lake and sell cantaloupes and watermelons and such to the Yankees on their way to a long weekend at lake Martin . We also made huge pots of camp stew and sold it by the gallon. Most of the meet was dear but we never told. Old Granddad always said, "They may have won the civil war but we are getting it back one dollar at a time." I miss that old rascal.
I got these black cattle calved,the ones south I like to calve in the winter months,IVE seen spring down there nonexistent that heat can really stress cows,IM mostly down there in the fall winter and here in the spring summer,so it works good...............PS I have heard bulls called a lot of things ,but I dont believe I ever heard one called "greasy"....you boys better quit teasin faster horses,that lil mama can get mean when she needs to.LOL
Alabama, that's some farm you're tending! Sounds wonderful. Sometime I'd like to hear about your bees. Have you had problems with them dying off? We read there was a serious problem with that in the US somewhere currently. Do you need to treat them with antibiotics?