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Spring time in Montana

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Feb 14, 2005
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Seems like every year, about this time it comes,
And Old man winter knows, now his time is done.
The Robins show up, the blackbirds, their Finch friends and such,
While mankind and machines, spend most of their time being stuck.
Mother Nature comes in, and pushes the old man out,
And he being what he is, doesn't give up without a shout.
One minute it is snowing, looks like it will last long,
Next minute the sun shines, and the birds continue their song.
You can hear the birds singing, looking for their mate,
All the time wishing, Old man winter has met his fate.
The cows are all out grazing, chasing that sweet green grass,
The elk and deer are out there, hoping that winter has past.
The yard, the garden and flowers, everything that is dear,
Try so hard to come up, nourish us one more year.
The calves are all out running, doing their bad boy things
Look at those geese, they have all gotten those northern directional wings.
The lilacs and aspens are growing buds and flowers, so soon don't you hear,
Hope they don't all freeze again, like they did late last year.
The crested wheat is growing, giving hope for another cycle of life,
Me I am just hoping for a year with a lot less strife.
Living with Mother Nature is more than some people can stand,
Me, I look at it differently, Isn't Mother Nature Grand?
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
yet another keeper, sw!!
thanks for the pick-me-upper
homeward bound in the morning!! :D

I am sssssooooooooooooooo glad for you. Be closest to the nearest and dearest. I am starting to think that you are my little sister, our daughter planned our vacation this year. You are a part of it!!!!!
sw said:
I am sssssooooooooooooooo glad for you. Be closest to the nearest and dearest. I am starting to think that you are my little sister, our daughter planned our vacation this year. You are a part of it!!!!!

SW---keep me posted....would dearly love to meet you and your family after all i have heard!!!
That whole poem smells like Spring! Delightful!!! :clap:
i'm feeling the need to go home in a few hours and start digging in the garden and in the flower bed and get everything growing and green :D

is this what they mean by "spring fever"?? :shock: :wink: ....guilty :D
Ranchwife, I got a third of the onions planted yesterday. Sure did feel good messing in that dirt again. We hauled up buckets of black gunk from the pond bottom to put around some new trees and the raspberries figuring it ought to have lots of fish nutrients in it. I love Spring mucking around!! Happy digging to you!
nr----thinking about planting me some raspberries, too....never had too much luck with 'em, but gonna give it a shot!! :wink: got a package of sweetpea seeds, columbine seeds, and lots of veggies to go with the BEEF :D :D never done well with corn, but love the yukon potatoes and leaf lettuce and sweet peas!!! thinkin of trying some rhubarb, too, so i can get working on some of those delicious recipes i saw posted last week!!! mmmmmmm goooooood!!!
countdown to headin home....1 hour and 15 minutes and 48 seconds :shock:
We've had good success with red rasp., not the everbearing type which seem to fall apart too easily.
Last year I fell for the catalogue's description of some called Autumn Gold which are yellow and ripen in the Fall. They just didn't come up to the quality of the red raspberries we decided. But the yellow jackets loved them.
Nice thing about rhubarb is the deer won't touch them. It is just peeking out of the ground now. Mine is mainly greenish. Hope you can find some nice red rhubarb which looks much prettier in a pie.
Nice poem SW!

Speaking of rubarb, my dad always called it "pie plant". I just love rubarb crisp. My army boy son made some when he was a teenager and it was better than his mom's and hers is real good. I made the mistake of saying that it was better and it was quite a spell before I got the little woman to make any more! Some people just can't take constructive critisizm! :roll: :? :???: :shock: :eek: :D :lol:
Thanks for the poem, sw. I certainly am glad there are people with talent out there!

You gardeners are giving me the fever! And I shouldn't do much of it right now. We have a little too much winter left, yet, anyway. Couple of weeks though, and it will be time to think about planting potatoes. Guess I'd better get some ordered.

Does anyone else garden mostly with a pitch fork, technically a manure fork with tines close together? I can't seem to keep a tiller running, nor get the manpower to attach the big one to the tractor when I need it. I'm determined to get some 'real' mulch, this year. Will use ground hay or maybe some old straw bales I have my eye on. My few successful gardens have been well mulched against our wind and drought. Not much luck without it, either.

Happy Spring, and Daylight Saving, Time everyone!


I haven't been on the net for a number of days and just catching up.
I don't garden with a rototiller, just shovel and fork. This year since my shoulder surg. I'm trying to just stick the seeds in and not stir up the soil at all. Then piling on the composted leaves and grasses so won't have to weed. We'll see how this "no work" method does. :roll: Tried planting some potatoes on top of the ground and piling on the mulch. It is supposed to work...
Love your poem, sw. Givin' me spring fever!!! Jinglebob, we have a spot just for our rhubarb, it took me a number of years to "tame them". I have an awesome recipe for rhubarb (or any fruit crisp). My problem with my crisp recipes in the past was they weren't crisp, but mushy!! This is a "fruit crunch" recipe and works with most fruits and is totally awesome!! I fix it for our branding, we serve a pretty grand meal, but my rhubarb crunch is GONE when all is said and done. Please go back to the recipe thread, I'll have it posted there. Thanks.

Hanta Yo

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