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Spring works, brandin poem

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Feb 14, 2005
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Western South Dakota
I've got a friend in Southwestern North Dakota, in the Badlands, who ranches in some rough, beautiful country. We started pulling a wagon out to do his branding quite a few years back, and it's an experience everyone ought to get to do, at least once in their life.

the wagon

Have you ever been out in the spring
followin' the wagon with a crew
campin out where the cattle live
cuz' you got some brandin' to do

If you ain't never been out there in spring
under the good Lord's big blue ceiling
I'll tell you folks to a cowboy
theres few things that are as appealing

When you harness and hookup in spring
The teams on the bedroll and chuckwagon
feel as fine and frisky as you all do
And your spirits sure ain't draggin'

Theres some clouds in the sky in spring
and sure maybe a chance for some rain
But with bedrolls, slickers and teepees
you ain't gonn'a feel too much pain

The grass is always the greenest in spring
the calves are all fat and shiney
the sky for a roof and the earth for a floor
can make a man feel kind'a tiny

But the crew is cheerful in spring
and the boss is in a good mood
and you smile as you look at the cook
and think of the taste of his food

Cuz' grub tastes the best in the spring
seasoned with the cookfire smoke
and the air is like fine wine with your meal
and you don't give a damn if your broke

In spring time you've shrugged off winter
and the cold is a long time yet to come
you can rejoice and enjoy your life
not worry that folks think your a bum

Ridin' with the crew in spring time
maybe it sounds like I'm just braggin'
but I wouldn't trade it for riches and gold
ridin' with the crew, out with the wagon
Loved that poem, Jinglebob, even though I've never participated in one.

"the sky for a roof and the earth for a floor
can make a man feel kind'a tiny" is so true about the vastnest of nature anywhere.
Another great poem from a good hand.
Yeah, the reason we keep posting our poems and stories is because we know the next one will only be better and we can't wait to see what's going to be next.

Jingle, you've always incouraged me in my work. And it's good to find someone who believes in preserving the traditions, and way of life like you do.

Keep writin' em down and keep your back to the wind,Pard.
great poem JB, you sure been on a role here the last couple of days. Sorry I couldn't come up with a picture of the wagon, branding is the best I could do. Then I looked closer and the power lines are in this one. Oh well. I still like this picture alot, one trap is laid and one is about to be set. Good horses, good people, good times.

Thank you all!

Great pic and caption!

Just got back from driving 1500 miles in 30 hours with 3 hours of sleep, so think I'm going to rest.

I'll check in in a day or two unless something comes up that I JUST got to reply to! :lol:

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