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Stapleton, Nebraska Fire

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Oct 12, 2009
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Northern Sandhills Just East of Soapweed
Does anyone know if they got the fire contained today. Reports say that it has burnt over 40 square miles so far. With high winds yesteday and today it would have to be tough to fight. One article said they grounded the plains they were using to try and contain the fire.
As of tonight is was still burning on the west side.. So I was told at the library. Fire dept went back around four this morning came back and went to the Carter fire up by us...
Here is a link to the story.

It is sure interesting how the media blows things out of perportion. The fire sure did enough damage alright and is going to make things pretty rough for some of those folks. There sure is a big difference between 20,000 to 25,000 acres burnt and 5,500 to 6,000 that they actually think burnt though.
My in-laws live right on the Lincoln/Logan county line. The fire started just to the south of them. It burned within yards of their buildings and burned a nice shelter belt on the west edge of their place. They also lost a field and a half of corn.
Man thats a bad deal, but the bright side is the grass willl be good when it comes back. Had a fire start south of our place 2 years age burnt 2,000 acres came close to our place. His pasture was full of soapweeds and sagebrush and now his came back looking great.

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