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Stenberg Coalition 509

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Mar 31, 2008
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north central SD
Has anyone used this bull or know the Stenberg outfit? I know there was some discussion of this bull awhile back but I don't know that anyone had used him yet.
North Dakota State University, (NDSU) in conjunction with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA- ARS) has recently purchased 2 Angus herd sire prospects from the J Bar Stenberg Ranch, Charlo, MT. These two seedstock bulls will be used as a foundation bloodline of Angus Cattle that exhibit a high level of range efficient traits. A primary evaluation will be conducted on the ability of the herd's yearling progeny to grass fatten with little or no supplementation within a desired period. The project has similarities to the Miles City, Montana, Line 1 Hereford Project. Both herd sires are sons of Stenberg Coalition 509. 509 has established himself as a breed leader in calving ease, accelerated first year growth combined with very early puberty and maturity. These traits are highly desirable for producing range efficient cattle that are able to perform at an optimum level under extensive forage based range conditions.

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