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Stepping Stones

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May 29, 2005
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I have told about using broken sidewalks for cattle - - - I placed these at the scale house so the truckers would have good footing.

This how the city dumps them on me ( I charge them $25.00 to dump a single axel load )

This shows how smooth they are on one side

When I'm putting them under cattle I turn them bottom side up

This is how I lay them out, I will dump a small load of sand on top to be spread into the gaps.

Some one dropped an old set of stairs with the side walk so they now go up to the scale.
I put several of these "pads" down ( upside down ) and put a skim of small gravel over and place round bale feeders on them.

Cattle do not sink in and the rain goes right down thru them.

The post of the waterer I posted a couple of weeks ago looked like this untill I spread the gravel over it. I was on my son's father-in-laws farm and the cattle were sinking to their bellys before I fixed it. I offered to fix it about 5 years ago but he refused but having to pull 2 cows out with a tractor he finally let me fix it. When the gravel is spread over it and fills in the gaps you feel like you are on a solid slab!

I just put the slabs bottom side up for cattle to make sure they get good footing.
concrete is easy to cut , you could shape some of those to make them fit better .Snap a line on the slab then scrib it with a coal chisel every so many inches along the line then give it hit with the maul it will cut like a knife .
They give road cut outs here way, similiar size and they are a great product if you can handle them and not break them...

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