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sterilization of the fat, dumb people.

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
The results of one large, highly-respected study of mental retardation illustrate the potential power-for-good of eugenics. Two percent of the sample were retarded, and they produced 36% of the next generation of retardates (Reed and Reed, 1965). Clearly, if that 2% had not had children, mental retardation would have been reduced by 36% in one generation in that group. With only slight modification, these figures can be applied to the general population. If the retarded were given sufficient cash or other incentives to adopt permanent birth control, mental retardation could be cut by approximately 1/3 in just one generation. This is only one among many possible eugenic measures, but this step alone would significantly alleviate all social problems, prevent a good deal of child abuse and neglect (the retarded make very poor parents), provide a big boost to the economy, and cause the "misery quotient" to plummet.

By following thier logic the 2/3rds that would have been eliminated by sterilization are not a factor. The flawed studies ignore the exceptions and thier contribution to our Intellectial society....I see bad parents every day that claim to be college educated and well off but to cliam a study from 65 to support such a stupid concept shows how un-intellegent some have really gotten.

Consider the following:

Einstein showed language impairments at a very young age. His speech was severely delayed. He only began to talk at the age of three, and had trouble with language throughout elementary school.

During a parent meeting, the Headmaster told Einstein's parents that he did not have the ability to be a successful professional. He recommended that Einstein attend a trade school. In fact, his teachers thought he was borderline retarded.

Young Albert did not listen to them. Instead, he moved to a different type of school. This school de-emphasized rote memorization. Unlike his old school, they stressed creative thinking and hands-on learning. Young Albert's academic performance improved dramatically.

Children with learning disabilities have one or more processing or learning weaknesses. At Einstein Montessori School, we would rather not use the term "learning disabled," because many of our great thinkers had dyslexia--geniuses and statesman like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Leonardo de Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and so many others. Most of us do not think of these men as having been "disabled. (or retarded)"

"Albert Einstein was one of the greatest minds in world history. Einstein is known as a brilliant physicist who contributed more to the scientific world than any other person." "In elementary school, Albert was such an under achiever, that his parents suspected that he might be retarded.

But then again I am of inferior genetic make up also, so If those of you that feel it is better to that none of us ever existed, I guess that is your right, I personnally feel better Knowing that your wrong.

It would be easy to target the loathsome of our society for sterilization and not allow them to breed, but I feel that everyone of those that supported such an ideal could find a less then desirable trait in an ancestor, if not I would sudjest they be sterilizied as they are out of touch with reality or just out right lieing to them selves. Maybe Sash could be sterilized for her intolerant statement, Some seemngly intellegent people can appear really stupid at times,,,

The "Case for Eugenics" summarizes it as; for the first time in history people are not producing genetically superior offspring, simply because the inferior are reproducing at a faster rate. (My summation)

But the I disagree 100% with selective breeding of people, even though I would agree that people should be responsible before being parents.
Dear Steve,
Why don't you tell us how you REALLY think about "Eugenics"! :wink:

I don't like the idea of following a practice highly regarded by Adolf Hiltler either.

There is a good book on the subject by Edwin Black, "War Against the Weak".

Thanks for your comments.
Steve, your posts are always excellent and thought provoking. An ongoing thank you!
I took a look at the book, War against the weak, it was very thought provoking, to say the least, While I seldom buy into conspirecy plots, it seemed to be backed by substancial data,

While I believe the author ment to open our eyes to the past Nazi genocide by showing how slippery that slope was in this country. he did also write other blame, books. But, the only way to correct history is to prevent further genocides from occuring.

Even I have met people I would prefer not be allowed to reproduce, and feel that our current welfare programs incourage additional unwanted social problems, But as soon as one lets the cultural and academic elites control reproduction this world would be full of thier like minded liberal do little children. and the following culteral revelution would desend the globe into a downward spiral,

and any person who feels they are of fit stock would either have to be with the in crowd or on the list, thats how eugenics works, if you have any doubt ask Hitler.

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