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Stick it in your ice cream

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Martin Jr.

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Aug 12, 2005
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north central Nebraska
I was looking at an old 1940 city directory for Valentine, Nebraska and saw the names of two brothers who ran a meat market.
In 1966 one of the brothers, Jake, was still living in Valentine and we sold him a new refrigerator, a 14ft. Philco cycle defrost. With the cycle defrost, the refrig. part defrosted during the "off" cycle. The freezed had to be defrosted manually. With this system if you didn't get into the refrigerator a lot, the freezer would only run about 5 to 10 degrees. Old Jake called me over a couple of times to see why his ice cream wasn't hard enough. The third time my brother, Raymond, came with me. After checking the refrigerator, Raymond asked Jake "Do you care if I stick this in your Ice Cream?" Jake being rather deaf, never answered, but he never called us back again!

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