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Still dry here in our part of Australia.

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Australian Cattleman

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northern NSW Australia
Still very dry at our place. Have forty round bales of hay coming in the next week to help us out over winter. There doesn't seem to be any forecast of worthwhile rain on the long range forecast. Spoke to friend of mine 2,000 kilometres away in north Queensland,he's sick of the wet up there. Had another seven inches the past week. He must have had 40 inches the past 4 months we have had about 4".
Its cool and windy here today coming from the east,it might bring a bit of misty rain maybe.
There was a light frost in the district yesterday. By this time last year we had already had about 10 big ones.
Our South Devons are just starting to get their winter coats.
Hows the weather in the US and Canada?

Colin, in my area it has been cold at night, in the 20's and 30's for day time temps with 30-40 mph wind. Had a good shower once and need more.

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