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Study confirms prions cause brain-wasting diseases

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Feb 12, 2005
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The problem Bastian faces is that his funding may run out before he can complete the animal inoculation studies, which will take about a year. His current grant ends in July and it can be difficult to get funding in the TSEs field for studies not focused on prions

Looks like this guy and Purdey are up against the "Nobel Prize Syndrome"
Do you know what Spiroplasma is? It doesn't sound like a name of a bacteria to me. It sounds more like a blood configuration. Maybe this is caused by a bacteria. It kind of seems to me like TSE'S have to be transmitted by some other means than bacteria tho, because the bacteria should be killed by the heat treatment in processing the contaminated feed.
Good article Reader, however transmission is still not delt with. They injected the Hampster, he did not dijest the prions.
protein misfolding cyclic amplification - PMCA

Dr. Vitaly Vodyanoy calls his cyclic amplification, "Method of isolation and self-assembly of small proteon particles from blood and other biological materials".

Dr. Vodyanoy, of Auburn University - Alabama, admits in his patent application that without the metal (PNC) filtrate, which was removed from the blood sample, continued amplification of the proteon (prion?) was impossible.

Dr. Soto has admitted to reconstructing prions. So where is his formula? How did he build them? and with what materials? What were the concentrations of metals, etc??

I agree with Manuelids that this proves nothing. IT is making a huge deal out of very old news, which is inoculation of prions transmits disease. Well, lets see them prove eating Meat and bone meal rendered from a diseased animal causes BSE. They still haven't done that, without first homogenation and sonication.

As I said earlier, just because you say it over and over again, it doesn't make it true. Amplification of the prion (proteons with protein nucleated centers consisting of metal clusters with interfacial energy) has already been shown by Dr. Vodyanoy patent application # 20040137523 - US Patent and Trademark Office.
Metal hidryids could be the possible answer as when deer get a TSE loading from the plant material consumed where other deer had TSE's or the spray for flys could be the trigger on cattle if there is an imbalance of metals whether natural or artifical.In our area in Northern Michigan we are short of seleneium and boron because of the sandy soils.That why I want a BSE FREE tested herd.
Could it be that someone is either deliberately or accidentally confusing the disease scrapie with BSE?

Aren't those diseases totally different in terms of the range of infective tissues and how the disease spreads, and more?

Is the implication that, because scrapie prions injected into mice/hamsters, whatever, were then found in muscles of those animals, that BSE would be found in muscles of beef a valid suggestion?

Where is the peer reviewed and challenged science to back these theories to be found?

These stories leave more questions than answers.