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Success with Stockdogs

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Feb 10, 2017
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Ever wish you could see working dogs doing actual work? Wish someone would put on a clinic specifically designed for livestock producers? Need help figuring out how to accomplish chores easier with less stress using your stockdog?
Is there a skill or two you have not been able to teach your dog? Wonder how to get him/her to the next level? Wonder how to start with a young dog and have an idea of what comes next? Thinking about a stockdog, not sure if they would be a good fit for your operation>>>>

Here is your opportunity ...
I have designed a clinic to do just those things. The three days will be packed with demonstrations of dogs helping with everyday chore. You will see the pieces they do well and where they could improve. We will take dogs of different levels of training demonstrating the 'training process'. We will break down all the demonstrations pointing out -so you can see -when a dog is right or wrong. Seeing slicing flanks and ways to help the dog give and feel sheep, learning to get pace, how to get stock out of corners and why dogs have trouble there....and anything else we can do - look backs, gather large pastures, load trailers, push off gates or feed bunks....

My goal - Practical Application

Along with the demonstrations and discussion there will be opportunity to work with Jack Knox on skill building or actually accomplishing chores - will depend on you and your dogs skill set which will be best.
Follow up help is available as well through video and discussion.
A SARE grant will cover a majority of the cost making this an affordable learning opportunity.
Cost will be 70.00 a day and includes lunch for a working slot, 30 a day to audit includes lunch
(Normal cost for a three day clinc runs 350-475 total for the 3 days)
training will be on sheep

DATES - NOV 14, 15, 16 (mid week Tues - Thur)
April 6, 7, 8 tentative spring dates (Fri - Sun)
I will schedule another workshop for later in 2018
LOCATION - southeastern Indiana - Switzerland County

There will be a limited number of working slots so if you have a dog that you want help with sign up for a working slot.
any questions please let me know
Let your friends know of this opportunity


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