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Summer 2011

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Jan 7, 2007
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Just a little update as to what's been going on up on the rockpile :D . Unlike most people, we've dodged the severe weather, and have had just the right amount of rain to keep it green and growing :wink: . It really doesn't get much better than this.

My cattle and yearling heifers stayed home longer than usual. Last week I took the bulls out, and hauled the ladies to some leased pasture west of here.




I had enough younger bulls to take to the forest, so I sorted some of the mature bulls off to stay home :wink: .

Neat sunset from last month.

A few pics of the forest cattle taken last month.


The public responsibly enjoying their land :roll: . I'm not exactly sure what the sport is in shooting up and destroying television sets.

And remember, cattle ruin riparian zones :roll: .

The other permittee and I started gathering bulls and moving cows this week.

Tia gathering up a few pairs. It was a superb dog day!

We only could find two bulls the first day, and they didn't exactly get along, so we trailed a good 1/4+ mile apart the two miles to the corral. She had her bull loaded by the time I arrived. Older bulls are always interesting to trail in the forest. Luckily these two would still handle.

More neat clouds.

Pete's favorite place to ride on the wheeler.

I'm not sure how Dan managed this one. Luckily I use a split eared bridle so he didn't miss much work :? .

On the subject of sick/injured animals, I had to put my Casey dog down last week :cry: . Losing two dogs in nine months is tough! She taught me a ton and I was very fortunate to have worked with her.
Nice pictures. Everything looks ship-shape...well, except for Dan's ear. :wink:

sorry to hear about your Casey dog. What happened?

This is of little consequence, but I really like yellow ear
tags in black cattle. Mr. FH is color blind and yellow was the
easiest for him to see.

Thanks for the pictures.
Wonderful pictures! Sorry about your dogs.

We had to put 3 down in the past year, all due to varied health problems, all 3 were getting up in years. Tough go.

But I brought a Collie/heeler cross home this week. So we can start all over again! I'd forgotten how sharp puppy teeth are.:? :)
Stock looks great as usual WR.
It's too bad dogs get old, my Monte is 18 this year, for the life he has had that's quite an accomplishment. As long as he is still enjoying himself I'm in no hurry to put him down.

Any haying pictures, going to be a real late start here in the swamps. :( Good thing cattle are high, we may have to have a dispersal this fall.
Thanks everybody :D .

Casey had been going downhill this spring, and last weekend she became really sick. I didn't have diagnostics done to really know exactly what was all wrong. She almost died three years ago from a bleeding issue, and even had her spleen removed. Her health had been questionable for some time now. She lived a great life, and will be sorely missed.

GCreek, 18 years is impressive! And no, not haying yet. I hope to start cutting this week... if the monsoons will slow up!

Burnt, I hear you on the puppy thing :lol: . I got Pete last March, and he's still a lot of pup! I don't plan on starting him until I've got heifers weaned this fall. I just don't have anything around to play with except bulls, so I'll have to wait.
Great pictures, Wyoming Rancher, and your grass conditions look wonderful. Thanks for the update. Seems like you've been AWOL for way too long. :wink: We missed you.

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