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Sunday Sermon

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Feb 14, 2005
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When I get to heaven,
I'm sure He'll let me go.
Even with the bad things
I'm sure He has to know.
When my time has come tho,
I'll ride through the pearly gates,
For all of my good deeds,
He won't make me wait.
Soon as I get through there,
He will hand me the lead,
Of the best and fastest,
Of the angel steeds.
One that has no buck,
One that can do anything.
Good one to rope from,
Make your jinglebobs ring.
"Got a job for you"
Comes the order from the Boss.
"We've got to brand the calves,
Git up there on that hoss."
My job is to bring them,
Two hocks does my rope hold.
Those were the best words, I think
That I've ever been told.
My fate is to drag calves
For all eternity,
Can't believe the luck
Or what He did for me.
Every day from now on,
My chinks I get to wear,
And every day from now on,
There's the smell of burning hair.
From now on I ride
A horse that never tires,
And all day long,
We are dragging
Calves to the branding fire.
At the end of the day
We'll all sit down
And have us a big feast,
Of course you know the menu,
It has got to be roast BEEF!

Scott Wiley

Great!!! That is wHat I believe-hopefully we will all get to do what we love for all eternity. Scott-you summed it up. Thanks! I guess that is what lots of us are doing these days- one of my favorite times of the year-branding calves.
Well said, Cowboy, paints a great picture.

What is it about this time of year that brings out the writings in us?

Keep them coming,Amigo.
that was last fall, it actually rained before this, no dust, cool, a great day. I think that as Saddletramp asked, this time of the year words start to flow. I thought about this this afternoon, and I decided that this time of the year I hear all of the birds singing, I've got neighbors brandings on the calendar, the calves are born, the horses are shedding, winter is over for the most part, and the biggest thing is that people who are connected to the land remember why they are here and they remember the little things and why we do what we do. Hope you enjoyed the grandbaby. :D

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