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Super Bowl

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Mar 17, 2005
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what is the big deal about Madonna?? being a man who grew up in the 80's Madonna was all that and a bag of chips... before she got weird and tried to become British, she was da bomb. Every young man my age thought ALL women ran around with tassles on thier hooters and rubbed thier crotch like they was putting out a fire....

personally I would rather see AC/DC as a half time show, but Jerry Jones won't take my calls, so my input is nill....

Old Timer, please refrain from posting on this so it does not get locked up ....
Jigs especially liked the fact that for awhile there, she didn't shave her pits! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I suppose better Madonna than some screaming, crotch grabbing, pants falling down rapper who has a second grade command of the English language and enjoys urinating on underage girls. Wonder what political party they associate themselves with? :wink: Same as Madonna I reckon.

Personally I think they should get George Strait to entertain at the Super Bowl. :wink:
Even the level thinker moderates at CNN voted on their poll 3 to 1 AGAINST having Madonna as the Super Bowl half time performer...

I guess there are still many of us that grew up in an age before you did Jigs-and really don't need to look at tassels or crotchs- and would like to see better entertainment ! :wink:
Those "Moderates" at CNN probably want NWA (Niggazz With Attitudes) to be the halftime performance:


Me? I'd rather have David Allen Coe......... :lol: :lol:
Coe and Hank JR...even get some Hank III for charm....

age make no difference OT, you still a massengill product
Just imagine the talk if Hank Jr was the halftime entertainment.

If it was only up to me he would be, but that would get interesting.
and have Obama there to flip the coin ....let Hank and Obama have a debate....

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