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Swinging bridge over South Grand River

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
I'm going to try and post a picture of all that is left of an engineering marvel built by my husband's uncle about fifty years ago. Claude Olson, a past president of the South Dakota Stockgrowers, only had an eighth grade education but this bridge was a testiment to what he always said about only having enough education that it didn't interfer with his normal thinking processes. Claude died in 1979 and I haven't crossed the bridge since then. Up until that time, we used it constantly.

Dang! It didn't work. Soapweed or jake, could one of you send me a private message and tell me how to post a picture? I've got some good ones I want to share but am too dumb to get them up on the board.
At the top of "Everything else" is a posting of how to post a picture. Good luck!
Glad to see your name on here again. Where you been?
I think I see what I did wrong. I didn't get all the letters highlighted. Be interesting to see if this works. If it does, I'll take you all along on the twenty mile journey I make every other day along the South Grand River to our Horse Creek pasture through seven gates, across five creeks (all of them dry), and over mostly dirt trails. This is the west the way it was and has been for the last hundred years.

Liberty Belle,

I think you need to re-enable the picture on photobucket. I am learning how to operate it myself, so that is my unprofessional opinion. I can't look at it on my computer. It is SO Slow loading them into photobucket with my connection.

I have seen the swinging bridge myself, and it was quite a feat. I am just pretty sure that my dad hauled cattle for Claude over the bridge, and he said it about made him seasick with the waving action. That is my memory anyway. He spent time over there with Sam as a younger man, and from his stories, Sam must have been quite a guy.

On another matter, I hope things have been going better for you lately.
Here it is again. I didn't realize you couldn't delete it after you posted it. What's that they say about an old dog and new tricks?


jake - things are going a little better, but it is still a nuthouse around here. Thanks for asking.

You're right about Sam. He was quite a guy. His death at 26 was a terrible loss to all of us, not just his wife and four kids. Makes me cloud up to think about it.

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