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Taxes and regulations: Look no further than Cali

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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
Why do liberals think it would be any different for the Country as a whole?

A long article, but well worth the read......

Last year, a medical-technology firm called Numira Biosciences, founded in 2005 in Irvine, California, packed its bags and moved to Salt Lake City. The relocation, CEO Michael Beeuwsaert told the Orange County Register, was partly about the Utah destination’s pleasant quality of life and talented workforce. But there was a big “push factor,” too: California’s steepening taxes and ever-thickening snarl of government regulations. “The tipping point was when someone from the Orange County tax [assessor] wanted to see our facility to tax every piece of equipment I had,” Beeuwsaert said. “In Salt Lake City at my first networking event I met the mayor and the president of the Utah Senate, and they asked what they could do to help me. No [elected official] ever asked me that in California.”



California first began to tarnish its business-friendly reputation in 1974, when Democrat Jerry Brown became governor. Government’s job, in Brown’s view, was to restrain growth, not to unleash it (see “The Golden State’s War on Itself,” Summer 2010). His administration proceeded to scuttle some infrastructure spending, limit development, and expand environmental regulations. In 1977, Time declared that “the California of the 60s, a mystical land of abundance and affluence, vanished some time in the 70s.” And by 1978, the Fantus Company, a corporate-relocation firm, was ranking California the fourth-worst state for business.


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