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Feb 13, 2005
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Wouldn't want to accidently run accross this little guy in the dark or any other time for that matter. Can you imagine the amount of poison he is packing in those jaws.

This snake was found recently south of Fritch, Texas at an old gas plant.
It was close to nine feet in length.
He was caught at the old Turkey Creek Plant which is located just south of the Alibates Turnoff on Highway 136 so! uth of Fritch. This is just a reminder that these creatures are actually out there.
No matter what you believe, sometimes they should get not only prescriptive rights to be there but the full right of way!
I have one thought about a snake that big, BOOOOOOMMMMMMM, not the little guns, the real guns, 12 gauge with 00 buck till the gun is empty, reload and do it again. Did I mention that I hate snakes?
I knew there was something about Texas I didn't like...At least up here I only have to worry about snow snakes half the year- anyway thats what I carry the pint of medicine for :wink: .....
I know my first reaction woulda been "Kill it Kill it" but one that big would have brought some serious money live. Hope whoever that is that killed it is smart enough to skin it and tan the skin.

Oh n one more thang.....if chicken snakes got that BIG, you could forget me ownin a chicken.....
Up here we can whang 'em once or twice, and the immediate threat is done.
I cannot imagine having to hunt the head, just so you could do the rattler in!!
Aint gonna be no huntin that head.....cuz if you come across him he's gonna be lookin right at you with those big ole slit eyes and stickin his tongue out at ya.
........woudlnt matter if I had chickens or not...lmao I'm in the same state that critter is in. or was.....
Makes ya wanna ask him...who's yer daddy?....where's yer daddy? or mama for that fact....

And somethin else I just figured out....he was found in a gasplant???
THAT right there is the cause of fuel prices goin up......lmao

(my brother works in a gas plant in west texas and says they are forever killin rattle snakes around there)
Haymaker if that big bugger got ahold of you on your front porch while your sippin whiskey he'd likely be a drunk snake after he got a taste of your blood!! Did I mention I hate snakes!!

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