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Texas has BIG plans because of NAFTA

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Mar 2, 2005
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In case you haven't heard,

"Texas is set to supersize highways. Group picked to build first leg of $185B mega-corridor."

"The state's goal: relieve some of the nation's worst traffic congestion, fed by Texas' booming population and the exchange of goods with Mexico that has been accelerated since 1994 by the North American Free Trade Agreement."

"The Trans-Texas Corridor, almost a quarter-mile wide, would carry cars, trucks, trains and pipelines for water, oil, natural gas, electricity and fiber optics. The roads would be built over the next 50 years at a cost of up to $185 billion, mostly with private money."

It is my understanding that the companies who build the corridor will be allowed to collect tolls as the way to pay off their investments. Get ready for even more beef to come from Mexico if this country does not produce more. The population will continue to increase in the U.S. If per capita consumption is to stay steady or grow, then more beef has to come from somewhere.

Can the U.S. beef industry keep up with the demand without Canadian beef to process or more beef from Mexico and other countries? :???:

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