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Thank you, Readers Digest...NOT!

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
I found this article in the May 2005 Reader's Digest, page 76. GRRRR: :x :x


"Do you love animals~even the kind with big, sharp, scary teeth? Do you cherish the idea of an American where the buffalo roam~accompanied by wolves, coyotes and mountain lions? Then here's the charity for you. The DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE has several programs to help reintroduce predators in the West by transferring the economic costs from ranchers to the (mostly) city folk who like the concept of truly wild wilderness. Ranchers can be reimbursed the fair-market value of sheep or cattle killed by wolves or grizzly bears. The group also provides subsidies for dogs to guard flocks. More concerned about creatures that swin, flip and dive? Then consider The Wildlife Trust. It's Edge of the Sea program, among other things, is testing new boat designs that reduce manatee deaths and injuries from collisions."

I think Readers Digest needs to hear from all of us on the other side of this issue. How dare they recommend this charity when they don't have a clue what they are talking about.

How about it? Let's all let them know our story! :x :x
I'm with you, FH!!!!! I get so darned tired of the city folk/tourists/summer residents who think that wolves "belong" here and that we ranchers are the true "nuisance"......along with the brucellosis infected buffalo that border our place....whoa...getting a little hot under the collar, here...better climb off my soapbox and fix the little critters their lunches and take them to the park....such an absolutely beautiful day here...too nice to be inside!! take care and keep me informed!! :D
Why do others think that it is alright to have these predators in our backyard, but it is not right to have them in theirs.

One of their arguments are that they are "reintroducing" however they are not. Even if they were, I am sorry but things aren't like the were 200 years ago. Things change for us as they do for you, so please don't tell me what is "right" for us.
After subscribing to RD for many years, last year I stopped and let it run out, as many things change it has also, and not for the good, Seemed to take a liberal turn somewhere over the last couple of years, about the time they brought in a new editer, and "updated" thier format..., Now I only read it in the doctors office, and seldom get past the humor, into the stories, before finding another magazine to read.
go to http://[email protected] or just rd.com and give them a nice polite understanding that when we can put wolves in Central Park they are welcome here also. :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:
...........n while reintroducin into central park why dont we add a few bears......mountain lions.......and wild hogs.....least then the joggers would have a reason to run..........who knows..they might decide havin the right to keep and bare arms was a good thang.....
YUP , you said it all. How 'bout we pitch in and give Readers Digest a little "heartburn"? You would not BELIEVE how our responses are taken to heart...WE JUST HAVE TO BE A UNIFIED ENTITY!!!
sw said:
go to http://[email protected] or just rd.com and give them a nice polite understanding that when we can put wolves in Central Park they are welcome here also. :wink: :wink: :lol: :lol:

I agree, sw. Why don't "most" of us on Ranchers.net make MUCH NOISE about this problem?????? I just submitted my opinion!!???!
ME TOO! Thanks, sw for posting the address to give our opinion. After all, it doesn't do ANY GOOD to post it here, if we don't go to the source!

Belly aching to each other is just that. Nothing solved, only mulled around some more. Here's our chance to let 'em know what we think!!

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