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Thanks to all..

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Sep 24, 2005
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east of dad's old place.
Thanks to all for the prayers,When Vern, my brother-in-law died. such a shock for all. My father-in-law is finally back to the Valentine hospital and is doing fine!! His recovery will be long but he is happy to be back in Cherry county!! again thanks to all!! :eek: :( :wink:

Bob M

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Jul 14, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
Our sympathy goes to the family for the loss of warm hearted, kind person who was always helping others. I am happy that his father, Charles, is recovering. Charles and I went to school in Curtis together 1940-41. This is a tribute that I wrote for Vern's family.

Tribute to Vern McNare

What’s more “Sandhills” than a windmill
And grass a’growin tall?
That’s a rainbow in the background.
Can you hear that coyote call?

A friend of mine called Vern Mc Nare
Was a son of these Sandhills.
He was a meek and modest diplomat,
With many talents and skills.

He worked for the Nebraska Department of Roads
And served there for many a year
But his work after hours in the hayfield,
Was my best part of his career!

It would not be long before quitting time
On a hot July-August afternoon
And here would come Vern all rarin’ to go
For me he did not come too soon.

I would be bushed. My neck would be stiff.
I’d get off of my baling tractor.
Vern would take over and bale red clover
With time on the clock no big factor.

He would sometimes bale hay until midnight
If it was dry and ready to bale.
Unless we were caught up to the mow man
He’d be back the next day without fail.

Vern was respected by everyone who knew him
He and Sue raised five kids who are great.
We know you’ll be there to greet us, Vern.
When we arrive at Heaven’s Golden Gate!

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