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The best picture I've ever taken, and it ain't even cowboy

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills

This evening, my dad and I went to Martin to a wake service for an old friend and neighbor. Pulled out my pocket camera and snapped this while we waited for a red light. Thought the picture turned out kinda good, even if it does look rather "citified".
That is a cool picture, but in my opinion some of your others are wayyyyy better. Guess it's because I like the "cowboy content" of the others. The sunset and lights in that one are unique tho.

I'm goin to a photography workshop in november, actually it's for our 4H kids but since I'm a leader I get to attend too, I'm really lookin forward to it, supposed to bring 5 of what you think are your best photos with you. I assume to be critiqued. maybe i'll learn somethin new.

Aint it funny some of the things we see everyday become subject matter for a photo, some of it things we'd never dreamed of taking a picture of until the opportunity arises, along with a sunset for example as motivation.
This is one that I took a year or so ago, I added it into my photo cd and done some editing, I still have the original on disk without the caption at the top. It's the one I concider to be my best photo ......so far. I"m still clickin

I was born and raised in west texas, and most of the time if anyone askes me if I miss it, I say no. But I do miss the wide open spaces with no trees, can see for miles and miles day and night. Can see thunderheads comin the day before they get to ya. Ok I'mma git homesick n now aitn the time to wanna take a 500 mile road trip lol
Yeap I've seen some of Ansel Adams photography. For some reason, and I've yet to figure out what it is, but some things just look better in black and white. I haven't figured out how to change my new digital from color to black and white, guess it's time to get the Ole instruction book out again. My previous digital, was so easy to switch from one to the other, alot of the time I'd take one of each, This is one I just happen to think looked much better in black n white than it did in color.