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The big Apple

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Jun 14, 2005
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Looking for some ppl that have been to New York. A few of the ladies :wink: and I are planning a trip for about 4 days. Husband and boy toys free. Any one here been and if so what are the must see's and have to go places?
Besides 5th ave shopping. That goes with out saying.
Advice...input would be ever so appreciated.
OK, this is advice from the little woman, who was there a few years back.

Hyde park, which is the Roosevelt estate.

Eat at the CIA, culinary institute of america.

Eat at Carmin's near Broadway.

Ride the Staten Island ferry. It was free!

Empire State Building is a must!

She had a sister living back there, so went to the good spots and she had a good time at all of these.

I flew over NY back in 58, but I don't remember much about it. 'Course I was a little less than a year old at the time! :lol:

Hope these help you out.

PS I have been to Niagra falls and it was way too cool and great!

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