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The Butterfly

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leanin' H

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Nov 8, 2007
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Western Utah Desert
The Butterfly
I spent the day a horseback,
on our annual fall gather.
We had covered a lot of country and my horse was in a lather,
So when we got back to the cow camp, I let him have a good roll,
Then I led him over to the water trough and he drank til he was full.
Since supper wasn’t ready yet, I thought I’d take a ride,
On my old green four wheeler, see if I could spot a wayward hide
See, we were still out a few pair, so I thought while I had daylight,
I’d just ride up the canyon above the camp, and see if I just might,
Spot a wayward bovine, or even a mule deer buck,
So I grabbed my old binoculars from behind the seat in my truck.
I rode on up the canyon, at a slow and leisurely pace,
Ducking under the oak brush, that tried to knock me in the face.
And right there in the narrows, where the old granite ledges kinda squeeze,
I spotted a couple mule deer butts, and they were sneaking through the trees.
I was hoping they had antlers and they slipped on up the draw,
So I waited with my binos ready, to see what I could saw.
But the second I turned the wheeler off, I damn near lost my mind
Because an evil, stinking rattle snake was just three feet from my behind.
He was coiled and mean and on the fight and i felt my blood run cold.
I’ve hated snakes since I was a pup, and I’ll still hate them when I’m old.
My right hand dropped to where my gun, should be hanging on my hip,
But I’d took it off, back at camp, because I’m kind of a total dip ****.
The old snake was thicker than my wrist and his color was black and yellow,
And his mood was something I would not describe, as happy, sweet or mellow.
I couldn’t find club or stick, to cave his fanged head in,
And I couldn’t see a rock that I, could chuck with force at him.
He was working his way into a wash and heading for the oaks,
And I was thinking how, I could kill him dead,
But I was almost out of hope.
So there’s this snake, I’m scared of bad, and he’s yellow and he’s black
And I’m standing there without my gun, like some stupid city boy hack.
I’m staring at my nemesis, wishing he was dead,
When a yellow and black butterfly, came a flying past my head.
He gently extended his landing gear, and banked his wings to land,
And touched down on my left shirt pocket, like a single grain of sand.
My eyes saw this pretty butterfly, of black and yellow hues,
And my brain processed this little event, like any sane person would do.
But my body didn’t listen, it just went straight into alarm
And I felt a wave of terror, shoot from my heart and down my arm.
Black and yellow, like the snake, exactly like the SNAKE!!!
I had a mild seizure and my legs began to shake.
What happened next, well I’m not quite sure, but I pretty much kicked my own ass.
I beat up that poor little flutter by, and left his carcass in the grass.
Apparently, I screamed some too, cause when I got back to camp,
Everybody had laughed so hard that their faces still were damp.
I almost broke my collar bone and my whole left side was sore
That butterfly got pulverized and now he is no more.
That damn, evil snake, he left,
And he took with him, my pride
But I guarantee I’ll take my gun, next time I take a ride.
I bet the folks in heaven, will never let me in,
Because that butterfly got up there first, and told what I had done to him.
I truly didn’t mean it, he was innocent for sure,
But I’ve got ophidiophobia, for which there ain’t no cure.
I imagine I’ll end up in hell, a hell filled with butterflies.
With tails that shake like rattle snakes, and vengeance in their eyes.

Darrell Holden
June 22

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