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The Crux of the Matter

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Feb 14, 2005
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Now that Illinois is depopulating deer in all our norhtwestern counties in an effort to control CWD and I am paranoid that it may be carried to our farm the big question seems to me to be - if a healthy looking deer can have a positive CWD test, then is it possible for healthy cows to have a possitive BSE test? The fact that there is a blood test on the horizon seems to indicate that a healthy looking animal could carry it into the food chain, thus making all the previous saftey claims just political rhetoric. I don't think we'll know for sure until the test comes out and we can test a broader spectrum. The differnces between CWD and BSE seem odd. How can a year old deer can come down with CWD and yet cattle don't get it until they are old? How come deer can get it by comingling and cattle can only get BSE from feed? Why is it safe to eat meat when the SRMs are removed when the folded prions are found in blood samples? So you see we need answers, and we need to seperate health issues from economic issues.
Here is another idea about what causes BSE,

Peter Weis believes it is caused by a deficiency in trace elements. His whole picture is pretty broad and presumes all people in agriculture follow the same feeding practices, except the small producer, and cattle in Canada are all inbred. He may have some truth to his theory, especially the deficiency part.

I thought it would be of interest to you, while you eat your salmon. He is promoting seafood and fish oils, etc.

My concern, of course, would be the presence of mercury, PCBs and other nasty things found in fish. I hope cattlemen aren't using fish meal in their cattle fodder. I imagine there is a great potential for exposure to toxic material. The sea is the dumping ground used by 9 out of 10 polluters (just kidding).

LINK: http://www.truehealth.org/madcow3.html

excerpts taken from webpage)

We now also have a remedy for "Mad Cow" disease, as well as for scrapie; and perhaps, for people infected with "Mad Cow" disease. The most readily and immediately available natural source of the 72 trace elements comes from the sea in such resources as kelp meal, seaweed meal and fish meal (both as fertilizer for soils, and as feed additives for livestock), and in a daily serving of seafood for people (all as described in these pages).


The crux of the matter, and the great danger here is that the lower ("D" - or prion) level of complexity becomes the universally preferred level - driven by the universal law that matter seeks its lowest available state of energy - the law that also governs the folding of proteins
Thanks for your time and effort in posting research and answering my questions. I am concerned as everybody should be, about the spread of these diseases, especially CWD. It bothers me that the eradication programs by depopulation seemed not to have worked and CWD seems to be increasing among deer in our area at a rather rapid rate. From what we do know about it I think it would be fair to assume that a fair number of hunters and people that eat venison in our area have injested meat carrying CWD. I prey that it won't effect them.

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