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the days of the rain

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Hay Feeder

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Oct 29, 2008
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If you have been watching the national news of the flooding and rain. I live right in the middle of it. Five days of on and off rain. As of yeserday day the largest rain fall reoprts were near the Missouri Arkansas line. As of Sunday moring reports of 10 to 12 inches in certin spots. I do not know what the rain fall amounts were monday b/c its scattered from down poors to just normal rain. If you watch the weather most of this area has high and low spots and you will see the flooding in low lying areas. Actaully we can drive about anywhere. Most of the cattle have been turned out and some are still being fed dry hay. However several are out eating grass standing in water. These rains came is sections rain for a couple of hours and none for several hours then they came again. The first two days it was soaked into the ground. Its running off everywhere now. Forcast Tuesday no rain. What is so sad this rain pattern started close to the Texas fires are now.
No one needs to pray these deals dry out pretty fast in these high rocky areas.

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