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The Doctor's Waiting Room

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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NE Oregon
What is a young heifer like you doin single, the old cowboy asked
Why does an old goat like you care, I replied pulling down my mask
His eyes widened and his weathered face tightened, I could see his concern
I babbled on with quick breath, though his manner now spoke, he didn't give a durn

I suppose I never had time to remarry after my husband departed
You know the days are too short when the cattle need sorted
It is always something, bad weather, maybe the alfalfa gets a bug
Just when you find your stance, then whap, underfoot goes the rug

The orphaned half-beef calves snatched from their dairy cow mamas
I continued without breath, omitting the commas
Were fed in the early morning way before the cock crew
Even though my hands were cold, turning all shades of blue

Then off to work building fences or running backhoe
Briefly tipping my thermos, sipping steaming old Joe
Time flew faster than a rare speckled hawk in a dive
Thinning my egg-laying flock, there was one less alive

Back in those days, there was no time for prep
Readying for town and doin two-step
Except after rodeo when my dance card could have been full
Of drunken no time cowboys, no thanks, shooting the bull

Even rodeo was a time I regarded as a treasure
It was always busy even though it was pleasure
I suppose I could have made time for romance
And found a cowboy, squeezed in his tight pants

But the years flew by, my youth is now gone for good
Now even though I ain't a heifer and chew my cud
And you now see a cow with her old smooth mouth
The mask wasn't deceit, twas doctor rule of his house
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