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The future of R Calf protectionism....

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Border rancher

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Apr 3, 2005
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Ab.- Mt. border
Hi again, I think we have just about said all there is to say about what R Calf and it's groupies have done to the Canadian cattle industry. We have been called a lot of unflattering names. Those of you who feel that way about your Northern neighbours will not change your opinions for anything, and we are just wasting our time trying to do that.

I am always surprised that the "R Calf perspective" seems to be something new to a lot of you, an idea and attitude that has evolved in the past few years.

In about 1970 we were invited to consign 3 of our horned Hereford bulls to a bull sale in a small Mt. town. The group hosting the sale was trying to get a variety of bloodlines for their customers to choose from. A few other breeders from Canada, as well as ourselves were selected to sell along with the Montana producers. Buyers from Canada also were, of course, invited and encouraged to attend. It sounded like an excellent idea for all involved.

BUT, when we drove in to the fairgrounds we were greeted by a group of angry women carrying placards that read "Canadians go home!" and various other unfriendly signage. I don't know if the "Montana Cowbelles" stll exist as an organization at this time but that organization and others like it must have been the forefathers of today's R Calf.

The sale lasted only a couple years after that. Along with the unwelcome Canadian sellers that didn't bother with the event after that year, the sale also lost a much larger number of Canadian buyers, who at that time were prepared to pay top prices for their choice of bulls. The loss of those buyers caused the loss of a good, close to home bull auction for the Mt. producers.

I know that my "bull sale" example is not just like today's situation but I have to wonder if R calf members (the ones that really are in the cattle business) will be the real losers down the road a few years!

Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
I have ALWAYS been proud of being a CowBelle; both in Wyoming and Montana.

Are you saying it was Montana CowBelles as an organization that carried the placecards and said for Canadians to "Go Home"?

I lived in Wyoming in 1970 so I can't say it DIDN'T HAPPEN, but I would be surprised if it did. And if it did I am totally ashamed that my organization would participate in such a scandalous display.

I would more than likely think it was some women that may have belonged to CowBelles, but not the organization itself. :( :(


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Feb 21, 2005
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Border Rancher, I'm sure you know what you saw, but I would also wonder if that wasn't the era of the National Farm Organization, American Agriculture Strikers, and others flexing their muscle and "demonstrating". Such demonstrations haven't been the style of the mainstream ag organizations, but then again, a few of those have changed a lot in recent years, too........some people do strange and obnoxious things when they listen to inflammatory speakers.

The rude and crude and mean spirited comments toward Canadians on this site have been truly disgusting and embarrassing to some of us south of that border.



There are idiots in every facet of life. What's really sad about this whole issue is that R-CALF's entire existance is based on ignorance.

Ignorance of the true economic impact of Canadian cattle on our markets.

Ignorance of the true economic impact of a closed Canadian border on the Canadian cattle market.

Ignorance of the number of cattle and the amount of feed that has freely traded between the U.S. and Canada for years.

Ignorance of the potential impact of lying about the affects of BSE.

Ignorance of all the other commodities we trade with Canada besides beef.

Ignorance of the impact of Canadian genetics on the U.S. herd.

Ignorance of long term affects of treating Canadian producers like sh*t.

Ignorance of the impact of a closed Canadian border on our export markets.

Ignorance on the fact that Canada would have eventually absorbed an equivalent portion of our Japanese export market.

R-CULT defines ignorance!


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