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The List of Data Service Providers keep growing?

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Feb 11, 2005
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Do you really think the GOV is going to try to get all these databases tied together??????????????? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Animal Identification Directory

Animal identification, data analysis and information management represent a rapidly evolving service areas in the livestock industry. This list provides contact information for some of the companies serving this growing industry segment.

AgInfoLink 800-282-0570 www.aginfolink.com [email protected] -- Information-management company providing technologies linking the food supply chain. Individual-animal management through chute-side data collection, secure data sharing across production segments and reporting solutions.

Aleis International Pty Ltd 61-7-3205-9842 www.aleis.com -- Australian company offering radio-frequency identification and stock-management systems. Electronic identification systems include data entry, portable and race systems, high through-put MultiRead Systems, tamper-proof ceramic rumen pellet and the automated abattoir HydraSwing and HookTraka System.

Allflex USA 972-456-3686 www.allflexusa.com -- Livestock-management systems incorporating the latest design technologies, materials and manu-facturing processes. Products include the Allflex Global tag, electronic identification systems and custom laser-marked visual identification tags.

American Angus Association's Beef Record Service 816-383-5100 www.beefrecords.com -- SPA-certified and offers components for electronic or visual ID, traditional "paper" forms or Web-based interactive forms and reports. It is available to any commercial producer, regardless of the breed makeup of their cowherd or bulls.

AngusSource 816-383-5100 www.angussource.com -- Marketing program for Angus and Angus-influenced feeder cattle and replacement females. Angus-Source tags list the state of origin of the cattle, herd location code, 15 digit unique ID number and a five-digit in herd management number. A $1 per head enrollment fee includes tags, marketing documents and a 90-day sale listing.

ANIMART 800-255-1181 www.animart.com -- Distributor of ear tags and electronic identification systems from all major manufacturers including Allflex, Duflex, Y-Tex, Z-Tag, Permaflex, Hasco and Ketchum.

APEIS (Animal Permanent Electronic Identification System Inc.) 402-379-9487 www.apeis.com -- Suppliers of several information systems including Cattle Trax and BEEF trax, Internet-based cattle tracking and reporting databases utilizing EID as a primary identification method.

AVID I.D. Systems 800-336-2843 www.avidmicrochip.com -- Microchips engineered to provide a sophisticated, yet economical, method for permanent, positive and safe identification.

Beef Concepts Inc./Bovitrak 800-504-4562 www.beefconcepts.com -- Internet-based, farm-to-retail tracking system designed to reduce supply-chain inefficiencies and capture significant additional value per animal.

Beef Information Exchange (BIE) www.beefinformationexchange.com -- A coalition of companies promoting uniform standards for animal identification and traceability. Members include: AgInfoLink USA, APEIS, eMerge Interactive Inc. IMI Global Inc. and MicroBeef Technologies Ltd.

Bloodhound Animal Identification System 219-942-1962 -- Patented system for simple, low-cost premises identification and individual-animal identification.

Bovigen Solutions LLC 877-BEEF-DNA www.bovigensolutions.com -- Advancing beef science solutions through DNA technology. DNA Diagnostic tests include Gene-STAR Marbling and GeneSTAR Tenderness. DNA Traceability through SureTRAK and DNA Parent-age through SireTRACE.

CAL TAG, INC., 866-923-7878 www.caltaginc.com -- Manufacturers of EZCee Animal Identification Tags, the ear tag that can't fade…guaranteed.

CattleWorks® provides an economical and easy to use cattle management software program. This software is used to assist in managing and optimizing a cattle operation, tracking medical procedures and individual animal tracking within an operation. The CattleWorks® software is a Microsoft Windows® based desktop solution and includes Palm® PDA Viewer software. www.cattleworks.com, [email protected] and 800-507-2902.

Computer Sciences Corp. Siebel Systems Inc. 301-921-3372 www.csc.com www.siebel.com -- Partnership developing an Animal Tracking System to add value, improve efficiency and reduce costs while addressing the need for outbreak-response management.

Cattlesoft Inc 877-454-2697 www.CattleMax.com -- CattleMax beef-cattle-management software for commercial and seedstock ranches of all sizes.

Dalton USA 800-388-5440 www.daltonusa.com -- Manufacturers of Visual and Electronic Livestock ID Systems worldwide. RFID I-Tag, Lifetime Supertag and DNA Tissue Sampling Integri-Tag all custom laser marked to your own requirements.

DIGI-STAR LLC 800-225-7695 www.digi-star.com -- Specialized electronic weighing systems offering the ability to electronically link weights to individual-animal records using radio-frequency identification devices.

Digital Angel (formerly Destron Fearing) 816-386-5539 [email protected] -- Manufactures and markets electronic identification devices including external and internal elec-tronic transponders and a range of readers and antennas designed to accommodate a wide variety of livestock facilities and producer price objectives.

DHI Computing Service Inc. 800-992-1344 www.dhiprovo.com -- DHI-Provo develops and supports dairy-herd-management software including DHI-Plus® for Windows, EZfeed™ feed management including the new EZfeed CE Windows-based Pen Tablet software, DHI-Plus for consultants (AccessDHI), eReports and PDA Plus™ for a Palm or Pocket PC.

Eidap Inc. 780-467-2707 www.eidap.com -- EIDAP Inc. markets RFID products to the animal marketplace in North America, including compan-ion animals, livestock, zoo animals, fish and exotics. EIDAP Inc. distributes Eartags and Stationary and Handheld Readers for the cattle industry that meet the requirements of ISO Standards 11784/11785 and operate at 134.2 kHz.

eMerge Interactive Inc. 877-578-2333 817-732-6536 www.emergeinteractive.com -- Technology company providing individual-animal tracking, food safety and supply procurement services to the beef-production industry.

EZ-ID 877-330-EZID (3943) www.EZIDAvid.com -- A wholly owned subsidiary of Avid Identification Systems Inc. offers RFID ear tags, rumen bolus and microchip transponder implants, as well as hand-held and stationary chute-mounted readers and scanners for livestock, fisheries, and traditional and non-traditional production animals.

Farnam Companies Inc. 800-234-2269 www.farnamlivestock.com www.ztags.com -- Manufacturers of a full line of Z-Tag identification eartags and other animal-health and pest- control products.

FoodOrigins 877-774-8660 www.foodorigins.com -- Provides customized business solutions and technology for the global food supply chain, including animal identification, data collection and individual-animal tracking throughout the supply chain.

Global Animal Management Inc. 800-235-9824 www.mygamonline.com -- Provides information-management tools, GAM™ Portal and MetrixPro™ software, for group and individual-animal identification, data collection, storage, analysis and reporting, to improve productivity, lower costs, reduce variability and increase profitability.

GlobalVetLink LCL 515-296-0860 www.globalvetlink.com -- Provides eHealth certificates for animal health regulatory management using secure Internet application tools.

GrowSafe Systems Ltd. 403-912-1879 www.growsafe.com -- RFID engineering, OEM and system integration company offering RFID systems to individually identify animals with attached or implanted electronic identification tags.Measurement devices and integrated external sensors acquire information about an individual animal's intake, behavior, health and performance without direct contact or line-of-sight.

I.D.ology 800-395-5585 www.id-ology.com -- Productivity tools utilizing RFID in electronic solutions. Speeds information gathering and automat-ically extends the controls available to management for more precise and timely actions.

IMI Global 816-858-4796 www.imiglobal.com -- Providing customized integrated livestock software to help customers, from ranchers to retailers, establish their own source- and process-verification systems to meet government regulations, create brand identity, gain cost efficiencies and command a higher price for their products.

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. 613-722-3451 www.ketchum.ca [email protected] -- Your source for Reyflex RFID ear tags, Reyflex DNA tags, Reyflex Ear tags, Reytags, Kurl-lock Metal ear tags, high-speed tattooers and permanent tattoo inks.

Leader Products Pty Ltd www.leaderproducts.com.au -- Australian supplier of visual and RFID tags.

Livestock Tracking, LLC 509-547-4180 www.l-tracks.com [email protected] -- Providing a cost-effective and user-friendly Web application for capturing Premises information, Non-Producer Participant information and animal information to support USAIP traceback requirements. Specializing in the privacy of the information and the security of the data.

MaGiix 208-777-1530 www.magiix.net -- Producer of the MaGiix RFID/Temp bolus, an RFID temperature-sensing bolus transponder provid-ing temperature measurement and permanent ID.

Maxxam Analytics 905-890-2688 www.maxaam.ca -- Genetic Identification Division: DNA testing laboratory using DNA analysis to provide genetic infor-mation for livestock production, management and traceability.

MetaFarms 651-905-7438 www.metafarms.com -- Information technology (IT) supplier with solutions and expertise focused on livestock industries. MetaFarms combines industry knowledge and experience, applications and content in integrated data solutions delivered as a service primarily over the Internet.

MFA Health Track Beef Alliance 888-514-2333 www.mfahealthtrack.com -- A source- and process-verified feeder-cattle program through MFA Inc. out of Columbia, Mo. Since September 2000, the alliance has applied individual ID tags, both visual and electronic, to almost 130,000 calves and has a database of treatments and pulls.

Micro Beef Technologies 800-858-4330 www.microbeef.com -- MicroBeef Technologies, the world's largest real-time computerized fed beef management systems manufacturer, has 33 years of food-safety technology innovation and pioneered beef's first individual-animal food-safety assurance tracking system. MBT is a founding member of the Beef Information Exchange.

Midwest MicroSystems LLC 800.584.0040 www.cowsense.com [email protected] -- Software solutions for source- and process-verification—including complete herd-management information and analysis. Cow Sense, Cow COMM and PIC software interfaces with RFID, bar-codes, scales, Pocket PCs and securely transmits/receives data.

MMI Genomics Inc. 800-311-8808, ext. 3016 www.mmigenomics.com -- A division of MetaMorphix Inc. offering DNA Certified Beef programs for ranches, feedlots and packers. Tests include parentage verification, MMIG Polled, MMIG Black, MMIG Tender.

National FAIR (Farm Animal Identification and Records) 802-254-4551 www.nationalfair.com -- National animal-ID system, established in 1999 in cooperation with USDA/APHIS/VS in order to trace animals from farm to market to processing. With RFID ear tags and readers installed through-out the country, the FAIR system's focus is animal health and 48 traceback and forward. National FAIR currently has 1.3 million animals on over 10,000 farms in 47 states enrolled.

Optibrand 970-490-6022 www.optibrand.com -- The industry's first universal livestock-identification system. The system can record any live animal identifier—radio-frequency ID tags, retinal patterns, bar-coded tags, even preprinted or handwrit-ten ear tags and document the time and location using GPS. Critical production information is easily entered and managed with OptiMax software. The entire system adds value, supports better management and helps meet animal-ID requirements for just fractions of a cent per pound.

Osborne Industries 785-346-2192 www.osborne-ind.com -- Pioneered the practical use of RFID for the past 15 years, worldwide, in the pork industry and has participated in a number of demonstrations for the use of RFID in the beef business. Osborne is ready to provide functional RFID, hand-held data loggers, readers, antennas and other RFID- driven systems.

Pardalis Software's Beef Information Marketplace 877-696-3282 www.pardalis.com -- Combines an NAIS-ready traceability system and industry-wide marketplace for beef information. In this umbrella system, producers can deposit, sell, buy and track information about ID, sourcing, growth, health, quality, etc. Patented technologies ensure data confidentiality.

Premier 1 Supplies Ltd. 800-282-6631 319-653-7622 www.premier1supplies.com -- Supplier of a wide range of animal-identification systems including customized laser-imprinted eartags.

PYXIS Genomics Inc. 312-455-0602 www.pyxisgenomics.com -- Proprietary, genomics-based products and solutions to enhance animal health and performance. Pyxis is developing novel products in three sectors of the agribusiness and health industries: Meat Traceability, Performance Traits and Health Products.

Red Wing Software 800-732-9464 www.redwingsoftware.com -- Cow/Calf by Red Wing Software is a complete herd-management tool with analytical reports that track individual-animal information, veterinary history, weaning, yearling, etc., for bulls, cows and their calves.

RMS Research Management Systems USA Inc. 800-223-7032 www.rmsusa.com -- USAIP-compliant premises-registration and livestock-identification systems for source and pro-cess verification; program development and implementation services; and data collection tools for all users, ranch to plant. Implementing the Tri-National ID system for Colorado, Arizona, New Mexi-co, Navajo and Hopi Nations.

SAIC Science Applications International Corporation 703-292-6363 www.saic.com -- Developers of RFID system integration and tracking systems for multiple industries. Products include ePermits, an electronic permitting system for the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service that tracks animals entering the country.

ScoringSystem Inc. 877-684-0018 www.scoringsystem.com -- Internet-based global databank service with secure login data collection, storage and reporting for entity and commodity tracking, traceback and traceup throughout the food supply chain.

SEQUENOM 858-202-9000 www.sequenom.com -- A DNA-analysis company organized into two distinct business units, SEQUENOM Genetic Systems and SEQUENOM Pharmaceuticals.

SFK Technology Inc. 563-582-4230 www.sfktech.com -- SFK Technology Inc. is the world leader in the field of carcass-grading equipment and related IT products for the meat industry. SFK manufactures RFID eartags and Trolley ID Systems; linked together with our Networking Systems, you receive individual-animal/carcass information for full traceability from "Farm to Fork."

Sterling Solutions 406-586-5182 www.sterlingtraceback.com -- A division of Sterling Marketing Inc. offering a market-driven source-verification program designed for simplicity and compliance with domestic and international standards. Sterling Solutions is a USDA Process Verified program.

Temple Tag Ltd. 800-433-3112 www.TempleTag.com -- Livestock Identification Products including tags, applicators, hot stamp machines and service. Now in an alliance with Digital Angel providing RFID tags, reading systems and service to the livestock industry.

Tru-Test Inc. 800-874-8494 www.tru-test.com -- Electronic weighing equipment, software and accessories for measuring and tracking individual- animal performance.

VeriLogik 210-767-8878 www.verilogik.com -- Food Animal Care and Food Safety Systems based primarily on Radio Frequency (RF) enabled automatic data capture devices. Products include the VAC-TRAC Verification System for source and processing histories in livestock and meat.

VeriPrime 620-873-7175 www.veriprime.com -- A member-owned and directed food-assurance and traceability organization. Members are paid to implement food traceability and assurances. Retailers pay a license fee to use the system.

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium www.WIID.org -- A multi-species, cross-industry, grassroots organization working to develop and implement a birth-to-death tracking system fully compatible with the National Animal Identification System.

Y-Tex Corporation 888-600-YTEX (9839) www.ytex.com -- Manufacturer of visual eartags, custom tags, electronic tags and pest-control products. The TechStar II™ Animal Management System includes TechStar II™ RFID tags, a variety of readers, BeefLink ™ Software and HerdData™ Software for Palm OS.

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