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THE PREMISE DISPUTE from the cattle report

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Feb 11, 2005
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This is a pretty good article until you get to the last paragraph then it becomes a piece of feces!!


Many cattle producers have been requested to sign up for a premise number for their beef operation. This action was seen by most as a first step in ID of the national herd. The problem is ideas for premise identification have yet to be formularized and any work up by producers might be negated by the definitive rules to be announced in the distant future.

The current plan calls for a single GPS site for reference to any livestock operation. This creates some issues on traceback by failing to define an outside parameter of the premise in GPS waypoints.

FSA has spent a fortune identifying premises of those who have signed up for any government program. It would be too easy to use this work as a foundation for building the premise ID system.( What a novel idea......I have said from the beginning..FSA is the only place to keep the data!!)

USDA is spending millions of dollars on pilot programs that attempt to set up separate premise datastores and new departments to administer them.

The ideas of state organizations interested in setting up this project are filled with dollar signs. These government institutions see sign up fees for a start but more importantly, they want to send a representative to each shipment requiring a movement report and charge for it. Then they would like to charge USDA for administering the datastore.

Creating these fiefdoms in local and state governments is a big mistake and will end up cost millions of extra wasted dollars to get the premises identified. Thousands of businesses and governmental agencies are planning how they might fit into the national id plan. Mostly they all want a piece of the pie and each would like a small clip off each transaction.


The solution is a NCBA administered datastore with all cattle information including the premises.

(NOW we find our brain again!!!!)
Allowing multiple datastores is not only costly but also conflicts with many of the purposes of the plan outside of traceback.

The valuable production information, so necessary to benchmarking and competition, needs to be located in one database that is updated everyday. YES it does and that database is FSA!!!

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