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The price of hay

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
I just called a place up the road, a polo ranch, actually, to see if they have hay for sale. They do. They just cut it. $9/bale and the bales
usually weigh 65# he said. That's $270/ton. šŸ˜³ There are a lot of horses around here now, not sure how many will be here later on, or what kind of shape they will be in.
I knew hay was short, ours included, but that was shocking to me. Supply and demand at work...
We just can't do that to our hay customers. So call us stupid...

Broke Cowboy

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Feb 10, 2005
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With The Herd
We have a small hay field in front of the barn. It is only 8 acres but really good ground.
I cut that 8 acres of hay twice last year and got 65 very nice dry hay bales - four foot round bales. Sold all but four of them for $70 a bale. I was one of the cheapest prices around.
I could have sold those four bales as well, but I gave them to a couple of retired neighbors who are a bit hard up for cash and have a couple of horses that are mainly pets. It got them through to Spring grass and they were quite grateful.
I sold out completely of all the remaining bales in about a week or so after advertising them.
Hay is becoming hard to find these days.
Prices are going to go up big time in my opinion.
Best to all.

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